Updates to How Instagram Protect Their Community from Abuse

Last Updated on August 17th, 2023 at 11:02 am

Instagram now makes it easier to protect yourself or your community from abuse and harassing accounts. When you block someone, Instagram will offer the option of blocking their other accounts. This made a strong barrier between them and your profile.

Instagram automatically activates Hidden Words for Creator accounts to protect them from detrimental messages and comments. Additionally, they’ve upgraded the feature of Hidden Words. So users are safe from seeing scammy messages or repulsive replies in Stories.

Instagram now lets users temporarily limit incoming comments if they think a troll has targeted their account. This is especially helpful if you need a break from repellent messages and don’t have time to read each one. Continue reading to get updates about the way Instagram uses to protect the community from abuse.

Making Block Better

They make it quite easy for someone you have blocked to interact with you again. Now, when you block an account, you have the option to block other accounts they may have. It will make it harder for them to contact you on Instagram.

Last year, they updated how blocking works on Instagram, allowing you to block a single account and any new accounts a person may create. This update allows you also to block existing accounts that a person might already have. Based on initial test results from the new change, it is expected that their community will need to block about 4 million accounts every week because they will now be blocked automatically.

New Updates of Hidden Words

Many of you have seen that Hidden Words effectively keep people safe. After launching Hidden Words last year, more than one in five people with large followings have turned the feature on, and It will give them a tool to automatically filter harmful content from their comments and message requests. When people turn on Hidden Words for comments, on average, they see 40% of comments that might be harsh. This will help more creators benefit from this protection, so they start to test automatically turning on Hidden Words for Creator accounts. Everyone can turn these settings on or off at any time, and they can make a custom list with additional words and emojis they might want to hide.

They are also continuing to improve Hidden Words to offer more security, including the following:

  • Expanding Hidden Words to hide Story replies, so it will send an offensive response from anyone you don’t follow to your Hidden Requests folder, and you never have to see them directly.
  • They support new languages, including Farsi, Turkish, Russian, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, and many more.
  • Improving filtering to spot and hide more purposeful misspellings of harsh terms, for instance, if someone uses a “1” instead of an “i.”
  • They add new terms to filter message requests that may contain scams or spam. They will start doing this in English in various countries.

Nudging People to Be Respectful in Messages and comments:

There are situations when people mean well but may misjudge how their words can negatively impact others, especially when interacting online. Nudges can reduce the number of bitter remarks on Instagram, which is why they are introducing more. Now, people can pause and consider how they want to reply before replying to a comment that their systems tell you could be offensive. These nudges are live for people whose apps are set to many languages, including English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Chinese.

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