Let’s Audit and Renew Your Instagram Strategy! Get Ahead of 2023

Audit and Renew Your Instagram Strategy

Is your marketing on Instagram still effective? Are the strategies you’re applying getting old and boring? This article will help you to audit and renew your current Instagram strategy.

Why Audit Your Instagram Strategy?

Performing an Instagram audit can be a daunting task. It may be the best thing you do for your account, especially if you are running a busy business. In addition to analyzing your account’s strengths and weaknesses, you should also check how your followers respond to your content. This can give you some enlightening insights into your target market.

You should also perform an Instagram audit at least once a year. This can be a good opportunity to assess all the content that you have posted so far. Aside from showing your followers your best work, an audit can also reveal which content types are the most effective.

An Instagram audit can provide you with many useful insights. For example, you should know which hashtags are most popular with your target audience. Using hashtags that aren’t in use can hurt your follower count. Similarly, you should also know which hashtags are broken. It would help if you also considered using more hashtags that are relevant to your niche. It is especially useful if you are looking to build stronger connections with your followers.

Or maybe, get references for some of the most viral Instagram hashtags in 2022 right here!

4 Instagram Tactics to Stop Using Right Now

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of some of the most common Instagram tactics to use right now, and some that you should be avoided altogether. So, how do you determine which tactics are good for your business, and which aren’t?


Using follow/unfollow on Instagram has become a popular method for new users to get a lot of followers. However, this technique is very controversial. Using this strategy can increase your reach but can also damage your reputation. It’s important to understand the pitfalls of this tactic.

First, you should be careful about the number of followers you are following. This is important because over 50 percent of new followers will unfollow within a week or a day. It’s also important to share and share regularly. It’s important to post photos that are interesting but also post hashtags that are relevant to your content. Posting a sub-par photo or posting about irrelevant topics can turn away followers.

Engagement Pods

Audit and Renew Your Instagram Strategy: Engagement Pod

Pods are an Instagram tactic that can boost engagement on your posts. A pod is a group of Instagram users that engage with each other’s posts, or engage with the posts of other pod members. This engagement may lead to an increase in IG likes and comments. However, engagement isn’t guaranteed, and it isn’t a surefire way to grow a following.

Although the idea of engagement pods is a good one, they don’t actually produce any real results. There are several reasons for this. Pods require you to engage with a certain number of posts each day, and they may also require you to follow a certain number of other pod members. This isn’t the most time-efficient way to grow a following, and you could be wasting your time on posts that aren’t likely to bring in new followers.

Unapproved Giveaways

Using Instagram to give away free stuff is a great way to engage with current customers and get new ones. There are a number of different ways to go about this, including using a random number generator to select winners and running a contest. It’s important to understand that the rules are a little different on Instagram, so be sure to follow the rules carefully. 

Untargeted Engagement or Artificial Engagement

Whether you’re trying to build a brand or promote a product, there are many ways to engage with your audience on Instagram. It’s important to focus on a few types of engagement to increase your reach and get your content to the right audience.

The most important thing is to create content that is purposeful and valuable to your audience. You don’t want to be spamming your account, and you don’t want to attract a slew of followers who don’t follow you back.



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