Scale Instagram Ads: 3 Simple Ways

Scale Instagram Ads

Whether you are just starting on Instagram or are an experienced pro, there are ways to scale Instagram ads. You can either scale your ad manually or you can scale the ad automatically.

scale instagram ads


Scale Instagram Ads Manually

Using Ads Manager is one way to scale your Instagram ad campaigns. But it can be a bit daunting. In addition to adding a maximum daily budget cap, you must keep track of the ad sets you’re using. You’ll need to scale them all manually if you’re working with more than one ad set.

The Ads Manager’s split-testing tool can help you streamline the process. In addition to testing different creatives, you can also test different audiences, timing, and placements. You can find the best combinations as you scale your Instagram ad campaigns.

The Ads Manager also shows you how long your ad took to reach your target audience. Having an ad reach the right people at the right time can significantly impact your conversion rates.

Scale Instagram Ads Automatically

Having the ability to scale Instagram ads automatically can help your campaign drive excellent results. However, you must test your creatives before scaling. If you don’t, you may derail your campaign before it has even started.

You can scale Instagram ads automatically through Ads Manager. This allows you to set a budget and then use automatic bidding to set your bid amount. This can help you manage your spending and increase engagement. However, you should be able to keep your bid within the range suggested by Instagram.

There are several ways to scale Instagram ads automatically. First, you can increase your budget by 20% every three days. Second, you can use an automated rule to increase your budget by 20% once a week. Finally, you can set a maximum daily budget cap that keeps you from reaching preset limits.

Scale-Boosted Instagram Posts

Boosting Instagram posts can be a great way to increase your reach and boost engagement. Instagram works to show your posts to people who have similar interests to yours. This will increase your reach and build your brand’s digital presence. But it’s important to know the right way to go about it.

Instagram also has an ad system that allows you to advertise on specific posts. You can use your boosted posts to generate leads and build your brand’s digital presence. Boosted posts will appear in your feed, Stories, and Explore page. These posts will also have a CTA button. The ad system can also help you measure the success of your boosted posts. In the Ad Tools section, you’ll find detailed statistics about your boosted posts.


Whether you are a new brand or an established company, scaling your ads on Instagram can bring big benefits to your business. The benefits of scaling your ads on Instagram include higher engagement, more conversions, and lower cost per conversion. The best way to scale your Instagram ad campaigns is to do it slowly. For instance, you can increase your ad spend by 20% every three days. This is a good way to ensure you’re hitting your budget and show Instagram that you’re working hard to make your money go further.

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