8 Instagram Trends for 2024

If you see the social media manager’s glass as half empty, Instagram trends can be exasperating—constantly evolving and the pressure to “jump on the bandwagon” can feel overwhelming. However, if your Insta-glass is half full, trends are a goldmine: an endless source of inspiration, a means to connect with the platform’s 2 billion monthly active users, and an opportunity to infuse your brand’s unique flair into cultural phenomena. We’re equipped with the tools to help you excel in the current landscape. Instead of delving into specific trends that might expire mid-sentence, we’ll explore broader trends with real-time examples. Instagram trends can either elevate or hinder your social marketing strategy. Embrace these fresh 8 Instagram trends for 2024 to outshine your competitors—and enjoy the journey.

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11 Instagram Trends for 2024

1. Reels Reign with Trending Challenges

Trending challenges add a fun dimension to social media, fostering a sense of community on Instagram. From dance-offs to fitness challenges, riddles, and brain teasers, these engaging activities are a constant presence on the platform. A quick Reel scroll is all it takes to discover them.

For example, there’s a current challenge where individuals dare their friends, family, or coworkers to attempt jumping without bending their knees.

Instagram Trends for 2024

Challenges can also originate from the poster and engage the audience. In “Guess who’s singing” challenges, users share their guesses in the comments.

The “Roman empire” trend falls in line with this category, as users question the men in their lives about their thoughts on the Roman empire—with responses varying widely.

2. Sparking Conversations with Reel Replies

Instagram borrowed a page from TikTok’s playbook by introducing “reply Reels”. This offers creators and brands fresh avenues to engage meaningfully with their audiences. When a user comments on a public Reel, the Reel’s creator can respond with another video, initiating a dynamic conversation.

Instagram Trends for 2024

In some instances, reply Reels provide answers to queries or highlight positive feedback. As seen in the video above, which serves an educational purpose. However, it’s also commonplace for users to employ Reel replies to address negative comments.

3. AI Unlocks New Possibilities

AI’s influence is expanding, and Instagram isn’t exempt. Many IG users are harnessing AI to generate content ideas, craft captions, and even enhance photos and videos.

This shift is entirely acceptable! AI can seamlessly populate your content calendar. However, remember that you remain the creative force behind it all. Don’t accept AI-generated content and ideas blindly. Tweak them as needed to ensure everything aligns with your objectives and brand guidelines.

4. Embracing Authenticity with Photo Dumps

An Instagram photo dump is a compilation of images presented in a carousel format (fun fact: Instagram carousel posts, on average, generate three times the engagement of single-feed photo posts). These photo dumps typically feature a mix of diverse images, encompassing a range of image qualities.

Photo dumps signify a departure from the polished, filtered content Instagram is known for. They offer a more relaxed and truthful portrayal of our lives: think blurry snapshots, messy surroundings, and meme screenshots—these are the usual suspects in a typical dump.

For prime examples of photo dumps, look no further than Gen Z celebrities, who have elevated it into an art form.

5. Textual Posts on Instagram

Instagram, at its core, is a platform for sharing photos and videos, right? While that holds true, the lines between photo and video content continue to blur in the realm of social media. Consider the collections of memes or even screenshots of Tweets (which, by the way, are now just referred to as ‘posts’ following Twitter’s rebrand as X).

Instagram Trends for 2024

While stunning high-res images will always be Instagram winners, text-based posts are also making waves. A simple note or a relatable screenshot is highly shareable and remains a low-maintenance wellspring of content.

Pro tip: If you’re sharing text-based images on Instagram, ensure accessibility. Not everyone can rely on vision to absorb information, and you want your content to reach as many people as possible. Use the alt text field to transcribe the text in your post, making it accessible to all.

6. Threads’ Future Hangs in the Balance

This contrasts with the previous point: while text thrives on Instagram, Instagram’s text-based offshoot, Threads, isn’t exactly flourishing.

Meta introduced Threads, a text-centric ‘update’ app, in the summer of 2023. Threads share login credentials with Instagram, so if you have an IG account, you already have a Threads account—it’s just awaiting your sign-in. This is gonna be the Instagram trends for 2024.

Threads is often likened to ‘Twitter’ or ‘X,’ the app is formerly known as Twitter, as it’s designed to be a direct competitor. Initially, Threads seemed poised to become the new go-to for tweets, but reports now suggest that Threads’ daily active user numbers are declining, leaving its future uncertain.

The takeaway? While Threads can enhance your social presence, now may not be the ideal time to allocate all your resources to this one platform.

7. Instagram Collaboration

Instagram collaboration posts aren’t just reserved for engagement announcements from people you knew in high school—they’re also incredibly valuable for business partnerships. These posts enable two or more accounts to share the same content and jointly benefit from likes, comments, and other engagement-boosting metrics.

Consider this collaboration post featuring Lululemon, Peloton, and several influential fitness creators; it boasts 36 thousand likes and over 800 comments.

Instagram Trends for 2024: Collaborarion post

Collaborating with another user automatically broadens your reach, exposing you not only to your followers but also to your collaborator’s followers. Collaboration posts foster relationship-building (in marketing and life) and often yield mutually beneficial outcomes.

8. Bio Link to Attract Traffic

There are numerous ways to generate income through Instagram, but most involve indirect earnings. In other words, Instagram itself doesn’t pay you; it’s a tool you use to guide potential customers to your business. To convert your Instagram audience into paying clients, you must leverage your bio link.

Take this post by Bon Appetit, for instance. Rather than sharing the recipe directly, the Instagram post directs users to the company’s website, where they can sign up for a paid subscription.

Instagram Trends for 2024

Creators utilize their bio links to steer followers to their online stores or YouTube channels, retailers use them to guide shoppers to their e-commerce platforms, and actors use them to link to upcoming projects. It’s an incredibly versatile and valuable aspect of Instagram, and if you’re not using it, now’s the time to start.

8 Instagram Trends for 2024: Navigating the Social Media Landscape

In 2024, Instagram presents us with a dynamic landscape of trends to explore. Challenges continue to foster community engagement, while text-based content gains popularity, offering shareable simplicity. The future of Threads remains uncertain, contrasting with the thriving collaboration trend, which expands reach and builds relationships. The link in bio remains a potent tool for converting followers into customers. As we embrace these trends, Instagram becomes a canvas for our stories and connections. In 2024, let these trends guide us toward creative and impactful social media journeys, filled with endless possibilities.

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