Facebook Ad Targeting Ideas for 2022 (1/2)


In this article, you’ll learn essential considerations for Facebook ad targeting ideas and discover steps you may take to enhance your outcomes.

How 2021 Privacy Updates Impact Facebook Ad Targeting

Conserving track of Facebook advertising updates is practically a full-time job so you could have missed some key adjustments that started rolling out in mid-2021. Let’s take a quick look at how and why these developments are likely to have an effect on your promoting audiences.

In April 2021, Apple launched iOS 14.5, an operating system that implemented strict privacy rules for apps. This iOS update required developers to start utilizing the AppTrackingTransparency framework, which lets customers decide whether to permit apps to track their activity.

Shortly after iPhone and iPad customers started adopting the new iOS, solely 4% of U.S. users had chosen to permit app tracking. This means nearly all iOS customers had opted out of letting Facebook and other apps track their activity. Because practically 50% of smartphone customers have an iPhone (according to Statista). This mass opt-out demanded drastic adjustments for Facebook adverts.

To handle these new privacy restrictions, Facebook has had to restrict the capabilities of a few of its promoting platform’s most profitable targeting options. Facebook started rolling out adjustments to advertisers’ targeting, tracking, and reporting capabilities in July 2021.

As an advertiser, you’re likely to discover that customized audiences related to off-Facebook data. You could have seen a warning like the one beneath in case you tried to retarget viewers of website guests.

However, these audiences aren’t the only ones affected. Let’s have a look at what to expect from these privacy-related adjustments and discover the right way to deal with Facebook ad targeting ideas.

#1: The way to Create Saved Audiences for Facebook Ads

Facebook stopped supporting its much-lauded Audience Insights instrument in July 2021. Luckily, the promoting platform provides some up-to-date options for constructing saved audiences.

Facebook Insights

Do you wish to get a greater sense of your web page’s present viewers before focusing on new clients? Navigate to Facebook Business Suite and open Audience Insights to your page. There you may review the Current Audience tab to see primary demographics to your current viewers.

Then click on the Potential Audience tab (shown below) to learn extra about the individuals you may attain by running advertisements on Facebook and Instagram.

You may click on the blue Filter button to narrow down your viewers by age, gender, location, and language. You can even apply interest-based filters to connect with people who are most likely to fit your buyer persona.

Click on the blue Create Audience button to save your focusing on. Then you may access it in your listing of Saved Audiences and use it in Facebook ad campaigns.

Facebook Ads Manager

To arrange targeting directly in Facebook Ads Manager, navigate to Audiences. Then create new saved viewers a new saved viewer utilizing relevant demographic- and interest-based focusing on.

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To avoid wasting time, you may bypass this step and create a saved viewer directly in Ads Manager. You’ll discover this feature on the ad set stage of campaign creation.

For optimal performance, Facebook recommends utilizing broad focusing. This means setting a number of focusing on parameters as attainable so Facebook can deliver your ad to the people who are most likely to reply, given your viewers and campaign goal. Generally, broad focusing on includes gender, age, and location only.

While Facebook doesn’t presently require broad focusing. The platform has introduced a plan to remove a few of its extra sensitive detailed targeting options in January 2022. To seek out out in case your detailed targeting parameters are included on this update, watch your Ads Manager account for prompts to revise your audiences.

Presently, Ads Manager additionally offers a multi-colored indicator to indicate how broad your viewers are. The saved viewers within the instance below are too particular to generate outcomes. Removing a few of the parameters or increasing the geographic area will help you create a well-defined viewer.

For even broader focusing, you should use Facebook’s Detailed Targeting Expansion option. Choosing this feature permits the platform to show your advertisements to individuals outside of your focusing on parameters when it’s likely to drive greater outcomes.

You may toggle this feature on or off on the ad set level throughout campaign creation. Check the Detailed Targeting Expansion box to turn it on and reach broader viewers.

#2: The way to Construct Custom Audiences for Facebook Ads

Facebook Adverts hasn’t yet made substantial adjustments to the varieties of data sources you should use to construct custom audiences. However, privacy-related updates have altered how the platform populates many of those retargeting audiences and the greatest practices for setting them up.

Web- and App-Based Audiences

To succeed in individuals who have visited your website or downloaded your cellular app, you may create custom audiences based on web data or app exercise. However, creating audiences based on website exercise might mean you can not track iOS 14.5 customers.

Luckily, there’s a workaround. For those who’ve installed the Facebook pixel or SDK and set up conversion events in Facebook Events Manager, you may construct custom audiences of people that have completed a kind of occasion. You may retarget individuals who’ve signed up for a trial or added merchandise to their purchasing cart.

Facebook ad targeting ideas

For those who plan to construct conversion occasion-based mostly custom audiences for retargeting, create or replace your viewers at least a couple of days before you intend to launch your campaign. As soon as your estimated viewers’ measurement updates from pending, you may add them to your ad set to review the projected reach and outcomes.

Third-Party Data-Based Audiences

For those who use an email or SMS marketing platform or a customer relationship management (CRM) instrument. You could have a buyer listing that you should utilize for remarketing. While you add it to Facebook Adverts. The platform matches it with relevant Facebook customers so you may remarket to your clients.

Facebook ad targeting ideas

Although this process is usually worked fairly seamlessly in the past, it now requires an additional step to accommodate iOS 14.5 privacy rules. Basically, updates to Apple’s Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) might decrease the Cellular Advertiser ID match rate for Facebook.

Pro Tip: To extend the match rate to your buyer listing, add as many data fields as you may. For example, including identifiers like e-mail addresses and phone numbers can improve the chance of successful matches, resulting in more effective remarketing.

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Facebook Activity-Based Audiences

Of all of the custom viewer’s choices, people who depend on Facebook’s data sources have modified the least. That’s because privacy updates related to iOS 14.5 deal with third-party tracking and data sharing, not the data that Facebook collects inside its personal app.

If your enterprise already uses Facebook features like shopping, lead forms, or Instant Experiences, now might be a sensible time to leverage that data. For those who don’t use them yet, this might be a good time to begin. Utilizing these options, you could possibly construct custom audiences and remarket to individuals who’ve:

  • Watched any or all of a number of videos you’ve uploaded to Facebook.
  • Filled out a lead type you developed for an ad campaign.
  • Interacted with an Instant Experience you developed for an ad campaign.
  • Considered, saved, or bought any merchandise in your Facebook store.
  • Engaged with, attended, or bought a ticket for an occasion you hosted.
  • Adopted, messaged, or engaged with your Facebook page.
Facebook ad targeting ideas
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