Facebook Ad Targeting Ideas for 2022 (2/2)


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#3: The way to Make Lookalike Audiences for Facebook Advertisements

Once you need to connect with Facebook customers who’re similar to your clients or prospects, a lookalike viewers is a great selection. You may create a number of lookalike audiences for any data source, each with different ranges of similarity to the original.

Retired Lookalike Audiences

Beforehand, Facebook Advertisements allowed advertisers to create lookalike audiences with location focusing on. The platform no longer permits built-in location concentrating on for this viewers sort. As a substitute, you may solely add geotargeting to the ad set through the campaign setup.

In case you’re working on a campaign that utilizes one of these pre-existing lookalike audiences, you may proceed to utilize it as long as the campaign remains active. However, you can’t create new ad campaigns utilizing these outdated audiences.

The Facebook Advertisements platform has automatically retired these audiences and created copies without geotargeting. Within the Audiences tab of Ads Manager, you may see which audiences have been retired and discover their replacements. To make use of these audiences successfully in new campaigns, take the time to add a location focusing on the ad set stage.

New Lookalike Audiences

Once you create a new lookalike viewer, you may select a customized viewers or your Facebook page as the data source. In case you select a web- or app-based customized viewers data source, there’s a great chance your seed viewers might be smaller than usual, as Facebook won’t include customers who’ve opted out of tracking.

Although the entire size of your lookalike viewers won’t change, it’s essential to know that adjustments to the data source could have an effect on the makeup of your lookalike viewers. To gauge any potential affect in your new lookalike audiences, you may create a number of different audiences of various sizes to see what works greatest on your model.

For optimal outcomes, Facebook Ads now recommends creating lookalike audiences with value-based data sources. In case your Facebook pixel tracks occasions with value—such as eCommerce purchases—you may create a value-based lookalike viewers.

Once you select this feature, you may create lookalike audiences based on your most valuable clients. Consequently, you might be able to discover similar high-value clients and increase your return on ad spend (ROAS).

It’s additionally essential to notice that Facebook Ads could deliver your ad to folks outside of your lookalike viewers in some cases. In case you optimize for a value, app, or conversion occasion, the platform could increase concentrating on if it’s likely to drive more outcomes.

#4: Professional Tips to Enhance Campaign Efficiency

Constructing audiences that observe Facebook Ad targeting tips and use the platform’s new concentrating on options can assist you to reach campaign objectives. To increase your chance of success, take a few extra steps to make sure you’re seeding and utilizing these audiences successfully.

Verify Your Domain

Begin by verifying your domain to verify the connection between you, your business, and your website. This step additionally offers your Business Manager account the ability to configure conversion occasions.

To verify your domain, open your Business Manager settings and navigate to Domains within the Brand Safety menu. Click on the blue Add button to add a new domain and follow the instructions for verifying it. The domain will present a green Verified status when you complete the method.

Configure Prioritized Conversion Occasions

Next, navigate to Events Manager to configure and prioritize conversion occasions. Facebook Advertisements permits you to configure and prioritize up to eight occasions, all of which you should use to focus on and report on iOS 14.5 customers. You may also create campaigns around non-prioritized occasions but they won’t reach iOS 14.5 customers.

In Events Manager, choose the pixel you need to configure and open the Aggregated Event Measurement tab. Click on the blue Configure Web Events button to get began. Then, click on the green Add Event button to start configuring.

Use the drop-down menu to pick standard events, after which drag and drop them in order of priority. The top event ought to be the one that’s most relevant to your campaign objectives.

Facebook Ad Targeting

Alternatively, you may create and prioritize a customized conversion that’s extra relevant to your business.

Facebook Ad Targeting

When you configure and prioritize occasions, you can begin utilizing them with your campaigns. Look for them in conversion events and customized viewers drop-downs, where you should use them to optimize conversion campaigns or construct web-based audiences.

Split-Test Facebook Advertisements Audiences

Before July 2021, you might have had reliable viewers constructing and campaign creation workflow that didn’t require extensive testing. Given the various recent and upcoming modifications to Facebook Advertisements. It’s extra essential than ever to consider testing different concentrating on choices or testing advertisements against each other.

Ads Manager’s built-in A/B testing instrument makes it straightforward to experiment. To make use of it, open Ads Manager and click on the gray A/B Test button. Select the campaign and ad set you need to take a look at. Choose Audience from the Variable drop-down menu.

Facebook Ad Targeting

Then select how long the test run and which metric you need to use to find out the winner. Once you publish the A/B test, Ads Manager will routinely duplicate the campaign and run it alongside the original. When you identify which viewers is most responsive, you may stop working the losing campaign and use what you realized to use more effective viewers concentrating on to future campaigns.


Whether you’re creating Facebook Ad Targeting campaigns for the holidays or fine-tuning a technique for 2022. These privacy-related updates are likely to affect your planning. If possible, create audiences and campaigns in advance for extra accurate estimates and save loads of time for testing.

Within the near future, your Facebook ad campaigns could require more manual changes and optimizations. However, in case you plan carefully, take note of the platform’s suggestions, and watch campaign outcomes closely. You’ll have a much better chance of getting the outcomes you need.

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