How to Use Facebook Stories for Business (1/2)

Last Updated on May 24th, 2021 at 12:06 pm

How to Use Facebook Stories for Business (1/2)

Create enjoyable, authentic connections with potential customers and shoppers by how to use Facebook stories for business.

What are Facebook Stories?

Identical to Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories are fleeting photos or videos designed to disappear after 24 hours (though customers can screenshot a Facebook Story or view Story highlights to discuss with them later).

Stories could be discovered above Facebook’s news feed, both on desktop and within the app. They may also be posted and watched on the Messenger app.

Back within the early 2000s when Facebook was first created, customers made real-time updates sharing passing ideas and what was on the dinner table that night. Whereas food images still reign supreme on many social apps (such as Instagram), many individuals now turn to Facebook to share larger, momentous updates, or their own personal highlights, with family and friends.

Facebook Stories gives a chance to go “old school” again and post enjoyable, authentic moments as they occur all through the day.

Facebook Stories have additionally become an increasingly engaging method for business owners to connect with their clients. Since Facebook refocused its ranking system to prioritize family and friends within the news feed part, some businesses saw their reach, video watch time and referral traffic go down.

Stories could be another alternative for businesses to get eyeballs on their content, particularly because they take up prime real property on both the website and cell app.

Facebook Stories layout

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Facebook Stories size

Facebook Stories size fill up your whole phone screen and call for a resolution of at least 1080 x 1080 pixels, for photos and videos alike. Ratios from 1.91:1 to 9:16 are supported.

Text and logo placement is equally necessary. Ensure to leave about 14% or 250 pixels of space on the top and bottom of your visuals. Nobody wants to find late within the game that their captivating copy is covered by a call-to-action or their profile information.

Facebook Stories length

Stories on Facebook are short and sweet for a purpose. They’re designed to maintain your viewers engaged all through the expertise.

The video length of a Facebook Story runs for 20 seconds and a photo lasts for five seconds. When it comes to video adverts, Facebook will play Stories for 15 seconds or less. In case they run longer, they’ll be split into separate Story cards. Facebook will present one, two, or three cards automatically. After that, viewers might want to faucet Keep Watching to proceed to play the advert.

The way to use Facebook Stories for business

Facebook Stories are a fantastic tool for humanizing your model and exhibiting your clients what’s backstage when it comes to your business.

While you run a Facebook Business Page, you’ve two choices for posting Stories: either organically, identical to you’d on a personal account, or via paid ads. In either method, you’ll need to present the persona behind your business, and the services that you provide.

Stories are a possibility to loosen your collar, as they say, and be a little extra informal with your communications. Your viewers aren’t expecting a polished visible masterpiece. In truth, about 52% of consumers say they need to watch Stories that are brief and simple to know.

With regards to drumming up ideas for business Stories, remember that 50% of Facebook customers want to discover new merchandise and 46% are keen to hear your ideas or advice.

Stories for business

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How one can make Facebook Stories

To post a Facebook Story from a business Page, you should have admin or editor access. In contrast to Instagram, Facebook allows you to post Stories from your desktop. However, the options are a bit extra simple and solely let you play around with pictures and text. To make your Stories more lively and get probably the most out of Facebook’s Story options, try posting from the Facebook app.

  1. Log into the Fb app (iOS or Android) and faucet on your profile image
  2. Faucet Create Story
  3. Choose a picture or video from your camera roll or faucet the camera icon to create a visual of your personal

From right here, you possibly can play around with Boomerang to make photos flip forward and backward or Music to add sweet tunes to your Stories. You may also add some extra flavor to images or videos with filters, stickers, text and doodling choices, and special effects.

stickers and special effects

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The way to check your Facebook Story views

After creating your Facebook Story, the following thing you’ll need to do is take a look at your Facebook Story views.

To do that, you’ll have to:

  1. Click on your Facebook Story
  2. Choose the eye symbol on the bottom left-hand aspect of the screen.

From there, you possibly can see a listing of who has watched your Story.

check Facebook Story for views 1

check Facebook Story for views 2

If you wish to discover even more data, activate Story Insights by clicking on Page, then Insights, then Stories.

Facebook Page Insights

These metrics include:

  1. Unique opens: The variety of unique individuals who have watched one or more of your active stories throughout the previous 28 days. New data is offered on a daily basis.
  2. Engagements: All your interactions inside your Stories from the previous 28 days. These embody replies, reactions, sticker interactions, swipe-ups, profile faucets, and shares.
  3. Stories published: Your business’ total amount of Stories revealed by your designated Facebook administrators over the previous 28 days. This excludes active stories.
  4. Age and gender: With enough viewers, you possibly can see how your viewers shakeup by gender and age range.
  5. Location: The cities and nations where your viewers are at present located. Like age and gender, this data won’t be shown in case your viewers are just too small.

In case you have money in your budget for promoting, you possibly can create campaigns with Stories. Facebook’s Advertisements Manager permits you to monitor how many individuals complete the desired action, i.e., whether they convert.

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