How to Add a Link to Your Instagram Story

add link to Instagram story

Instagram Stories has increased the amount of time people spend in the app by approximately ten additional minutes. It is growing 15 times faster than other types of content on Instagram. However, while that extra time means more attention and focuses on your brand, it won’t translate to much if you can’t get that traffic back to your site and become gross sales. In case that you have over 10,000 followers or you’re a verified user, you have an incredibly effective tool at your disposal — the swipe uplink. This link allows you to post exciting and interesting content regarding a new product, service, or event, and then encourage those users to “swipe up for details.” But with all that power comes some responsibility. How do you add a link to your Instagram story and the way can you use it to get its fullest advantage?

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How to Add Swipe Up to Instagram Stories

Follow these simple steps to explore the way to add a link into your Instagram stories

  1. Check to be sure that you have 10,000 followers or yours is a verified account.
  2. Open your Instagram Story tool and find the link icon.
  3. Click on this icon.
  4. Copy the link that you need to include to your device’s clipboard.
  5. Paste a link in the blank provided in your Instagram Story.
  6. Click “Done” to finish
  7. Publish your Instagram Story.
  8. Check again by viewing your Story to ensure the link works correctly.

The way to Add a Link to Your Instagram Story

Let’s take a look at an example from HubSpot’s official Instagram account for these instructions here. You know, it’s an open account and gets more than 10,000 followers.

1.Take a beautiful photo or upload one in your library to your Instagram Story, and then at the top right of your screen, click the icon that looks like a chain.

2. Here, tap to “+ URL” to add a link to a web page. You can choose IGTV video iff you want to link your Story to your IGTV video.

3. Type the URL into the text box. When you’re finished, click “Done”.

4. Click the “+ Story” button at the bottom right of your Story to publish your story. Now, your posted Story has a “See More” swipe up link.

Instagram Swipe Up Link Examples

Here are some great examples that you should check out about Instagram swipe up link. Then try them on your Instagram account and let’s see how they help.

1. @Detoxinista Recipes

Food bloggers such as @Detoxinista use Instagram Stories’ swipe up link to include their recipes on the platform. They smartly post images of delicious-looking food, which incentivizes users to swipe up to learn the way to make it themselves. The link isn’t a direct advertisement, but users are directed to Detoxinista’s website, where they can find her cookbook and get familiar with her brand.

add link to Instagram story

2. @Alifedotowsky Clothing Items

If you’re following Bachelorette, you might’ve noticed the growing trend among Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants to become product influencers and embed swipe up links in their Stories. As a fashion and style blogger, Ali often takes pictures or videos of outfits that she’s wearing, with a swipe up links so users can buy the items online. She also often provide you with discounts if users swipe up, further incentivizing a user to purchase an item from a brand’s website.

add link to Instagram story

3. @Popsugarfitness Summer Sculpt Series

One of the most effective ways to use the swipe up feature is to give your followers something of value, for free. @Popsugarfitness, for example, introduced a Summer Sculpt series with a tempting offer — “Swipe Up for a 10-Minute No-Equipment Booty-Shaping Workout”. Who could say no to that? Ideally, as users obtain more value from your site, they’ll spend more time on it and become stronger brand advocates.

add link to Instagram story

4. @Reebok Be More Human Campaign

Reebok made a powerful and timely campaign called “Be More Human”, celebrating women’s empowerment through fitness. On their Instagram Stories, they improve their awareness of the campaign by showing famous women like Gigi Hadid or Danai Gurira on the story. And when you swipe up, you learn more about Reebok’s campaign and how you can get involved. On the site, there are tons of opportunities to purchase t-shirts or donate money, but it’s evident Reebok is committed to staying focused on their messaging above all else, a noble pursuit.

add link to Instagram story



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