How to Plan a Product Launch on Social Media (2/2)

How to Plan a Product Launch on Social Media (2/2)

Continue to discover the right way to plan a product launch on social media…

Step #6: Influencer Marketing Technique

Relating to launch a new product on social media, an influencer marketing strategy can have a huge effect on your success.

Customers are sometimes more likely to try something if they will see how a real individual uses it.


How you determine to work with influencers will rely on the kind of product you have, your budget, and your campaign goals.

For instance, in case your purpose is to boost model awareness with a limited budget. You may partner with multiple Nano or Micro-influencers (these with under 100K followers). Their engagement rate is higher than Macro or Mega Macro influencers on common, whereas their fee rate is often lower.

Later x Fohr: Common Feed Post Influencer Engagement Rate Per Follower Tier

You’ll additionally need to think about what kind of content will work greatest to attain your objectives: a YouTube product demo? A fast Reels tutorial? A branded TikTok trend? A series of chatty Instagram Stories? An in-depth weblog post? The opportunities are endless.

And influencer marketing doesn’t need to be reserved for the promotion of physical merchandise. Later usually works with influencers like Jera Bean to share the advantages of our digital social media management tools.


Discovering the best influencer partner can take some trial and error — however, once you discover the right match, the outcomes can skyrocket.

Step #7: Create Your Campaign Assets

After getting the overall technique nailed down for each channel, you can begin creating assets like images, videos, graphics, and GIFs.

Remember that the kind of content will fluctuate relying on the size of your organization and whether you’re promoting a physical or digital product.

For a physical product, you’ll create pictures and videos featuring the actual product.

This might include a mixture of product pictures and lifestyle images, along with your creative shoot starting from a small picture session with your iPhone to a multi-day, large-budget shoot with photographers and videographers.

Plan a product launch

For a digital product, a lot of the content creation will likely come within the type of graphic pictures or movies. In case you’re selling a service, you could do a photoshoot of yourself.

This part of the planning process varies drastically, however, an important factor is that you’re sticking to your creative direction and creating high-quality content in your social channels.

Listed here are some key issues to consider during your creative process:

  • Do you have a strong design transient? Have you ever included any inspirations, a mood board, idea overview, and desired outcome? This could come in useful particularly in case you’re working with graphic designers or a creative team.
  • What’s your branded hashtag, and may or not it’s included in your design belongings?
  • Do you need to repurpose content for a number of channels? If that’s the case, remember that each platform has different dimensions — shoot with sufficient white space to crop and resize!
  • Will you utilize trackable UTM links to measure your success?
  • Have you ever remembered cover pictures, thumbnails, and meta pictures?

Step #8: Prep Your Social Media Content Calendar

After getting all your content and belongings, it’s time to put everything collectively and plan out your social media content calendar for max engagement and reach.

Whereas you could have an official “launch” day for when your new product is available and on sale. You may need to have a special timeline for social media.

Going live on social a few days early can construct hype and demand — whereas additionally making a stronger sense of community as followers feel “in the know.”

To plan what content goes reside on each platform and when you should utilize a digital content calendar.

Later’s intuitive and easy-to-use content calendar helps you view all your social media content collectively by day, week, or month.

You may easily drag and drop pictures or videos from your Media Library into your most popular publishing slots. And you may schedule posts for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and Pinterest all from one dashboard.

Even in case, you don’t have all your final assets ready. You may still plan out your posting schedule with Later’s calendar notes feature, and script your captions in advance.

You possibly can add notes to fill out what kind of content shall be going reside on each day. So you have a transparent overview of how your social technique will play out.

Once all of your assets are finalized. It’s always a good suggestion to preview how your designs will look in your Instagram feed.

The purpose is to create a cohesive grid aesthetic that conveys the important thing values of your product campaign and leaves a lasting impression on your viewers.

For the LaterCon launch, Later’s social team shared user-generated content in harmonious colors alongside campaign content, creating a strong and constant aesthetic.

Later’s Visual Instagram Planner exhibits to you precisely what your Instagram feed will look like with your future posts in it, so you may obtain the right grid.

You may easily rearrange or swap out pictures from your media library till you’ve discovered the most effective composition for your feed.

a Product Launch

Plus, now you can use Later’s Visual Planner straight from your mobile. So you may easily preview and edit your feed composition on the go!

Step #9: Launch Your Campaign

By the time launch day arrives, you need to have all your content and hype-building captions prepped and ready to go.


All that’s left to do is monitor the joy, answer questions, and engage along with your community.

Here are a few different things you may have to do to ensure your launch day goes easily:

#1: Share a Countdown

Making a countdown is an effective way to construct anticipation for your product launch.

The Instagram Stories countdown sticker acts as a reside countdown, and customers can tap to get a reminder within the app.

#2: Replace Your Social Media Bios

You may want or want to alter the link in your bio to a particular campaign landing page or use a trackable link. You may also update your bios to include a call-to-action to buy your new product. And for vital launches, you may need to update your profile picture.

#3: Save Instagram Stories to Highlights

Your fantastically crafted launch day Instagram Stories posts don’t need to disappear after 24 hours. Save your stories to an Instagram Highlight to make it simple for folks to buy or learn more about your new product all through the length of your campaign.

#4: Reply to Comments and DMs

Ensure you spend enough time responding, engaging, and answering your followers’ questions throughout all your platforms. You might have to enlist help from your wider team to realize this. However, it’s a necessary part of constructing trust with your viewers.

#5: Reshare User-generated Content 

There’s going to be a variety of chatter about your product launch. Present your appreciation in your followers’ positivity and pleasure by resharing their posts on stories, or reposting to your feed. The more user-generated hype you may share, the better.

#6: Host a Live Q&A

Going Live on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook on product launch day is an effective way to connect with your community on a more intimate level. You’ll be capable to answer any burning questions potential clients might have, showcase your product in greater detail, and hold the joy levels up for your product launch.

Step #10: Track and Measure Your Social Media Success

Success looks different to every model and enterprise. However, it is best to spend time reviewing the way it tallied up against your objectives.

Beyond tracking leads, signups, or e-commerce purchases. You’ll additionally need to take a holistic look at how your campaign performed and where you could possibly enhance it for a subsequent time.

For instance, you may glean insights about what content resonated finest with your viewers. What format generated the most buzz, and what channel drove the most engagements.

In case you’re unsure where to begin, Later’s Instagram Analytics feature provides you a visible overview of how your posts and stories are performing — all in an easy-to-use dashboard.a Product Launch

You possibly can track up to 3 months’ worth of Instagram posts and stories. So you may see which have performed greatest — and filter by key metrics, such as likes, reach, comments, and more.

All of this knowledge can then be put into your subsequent product launch campaign.

And there you have it, a whole step-by-step guide to launch a product on social media!

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