How 3 Small Businesses Went Viral on TikTok (1/2)


There’s no denying the facility of going viral on TikTok for small manufacturers and businesses.

With one single TikTok video, your corporation may garner hundreds, if not thousands of potential new clients.

However, discovering the right technique isn’t all the time easy. We spoke to three small enterprise owners who’ve embraced TikTok for model marketing — and are seeing huge returns as a result.

The way to Go Viral on TikTok as Small Businesses

TikTok is one of the easiest platforms for manufacturers to see viral success — no matter size or scale.

Accounts with solely a handful of followers have managed to draw millions of views almost overnight — skyrocketing to viral fame on the app.

With over 3.1B views below the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt hashtag, there’s an enormous opportunity for manufacturers trying to get found by new clients…

And it’s not just huge businesses and popular merchandise going viral. Small businesses have a seat at the table too!

We spoke with three inspiring small enterprise owners on how they use TikTok for model marketing, and what they’ve realized along the best way.

Viral TikTok Model #1: The Silk Labs

When Jenna Labiak, founder of The Silk Labs, first posted on TikTok in 2019, she had no thought her business would take off the best way it did.


“It was completely mind-blowing,” Jenna explains. “One of many very first videos we ever posted went viral and it modified every part.”

The video Jenna is referring to saw over 600K likes and 3.5M views just by hopping on the “small enterprise check” trend.


From that video alone, The Silk Labs’ TikTok account gained 20K followers. Now, two years later, they’re hovering simply over 100K followers — making it the enterprise’s largest social platform.

Jenna emphasizes how being authentic and persistently posting to TikTok can actually translate into dollar signs for small companies. For her model, TikTok has been an enormous part of their success and journey.

“From just one TikTok video alone, we noticed over 200 clients order our silk elastic set.”

They did this by tapping into TikTok tremendous influencers, like Emma Chamberlain.


“We made a TikTok asking to send her merchandise and had our community tag her within the comments, that’s how she discovered us.”

So, what’s The Silk Labs’ TikTok technique — how did they go viral on TikTok? 

“Posting persistently and having conversations with my community daily,” Jenna explains.

Even on the days where she doesn’t want to be on camera, Jenna reveals up for her viewers.

The Silk Labs Viral on TikTok

“Above everything else, our community responds to seeing the individual behind the model. With that, I’ve realized it’s not about doing or saying the perfect factor.”

To be constant, Jenna follows four content pillars: tutorials, enterprise advice, behind-the-scenes, and aesthetic videos.

“When planning our TikTok content material, I always like to present our viewer’s numerous value. For instance, instead of simply “selling” our hair merchandise, I’ll go ahead and use them in a hair tutorial.”

Jenna’s advice for small businesses who’re hoping to use TikTok to drive sales?

“Don’t jump on TikTok with the mentality of wanting every video to go viral. Of course, that’s the aim, however, don’t get down on yourself if it’s not happening. In case you’re posting quality content every day, you’ll nonetheless create a community. And that’s what issues!”

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