How to Live Stream Music (1/2)

How to Live Stream Music (1/2)

Live streaming music. When you may not be there in person, it’s your greatest method to be there on-line.

It’s a helpful method to connect with your greatest followers, promote your music, and share the personal side of your art.

And when circumstances get in the way of live performance, live streaming is the proper technique to keep your viewers happy.

However, putting on the proper live-stream–one with good audio, no hiccups, and plenty of followers–could be scary and challenging.

To assist ensure your next live stream successful here are our  9 greatest tips on how to live stream music.

1. Use as many platforms as you can

Getting on as many platforms as you can is essential for opening your live stream to the widest possible viewers.

There’s plenty of platforms you may easily sign up and use totally free.

The most popular ones proper now are:

After getting an account on each platform, the following challenge is discovering the best tools to broadcast on each platform all at once.

That is referred to as simulcasting.

To do a simulcast you’ll want to sign up with a simulcasting platform.

A simulcasting platform allows you to broadcast one live stream to different platforms, manage feedback from one place, and use other advanced options.

Just be cautious that some simulcasting platforms charge users for advanced services like streaming to a number of Twitch pages and streaming from a public Facebook artist page.

Luckily, some simulcasting platforms supply limited simulcasting services totally free.

For instance, StreamYard and Hovercast supply free plans that could be good choices to think about.

2. Promote ahead of time

Treat your live stream identical to a real present and promote it everywhere that’s reasonable.

Tell followers on your social media channels and allow them to know where and when to watch.

It’s greatest to post a number of stories and posts within the lead up to your live stream to make it clear once you’ll be live.

A good way to try this is by making a show poster or reposting video from previous live stream periods to offer your followers an idea of what to expect.

3. Can I make money with my live stream music?

For those who commit to the medium and create a lot of content material that your followers love it’s possible to earn money.

The obvious instance is with Free-to-Play platforms like YouTube Live, Twitch, and Periscope that provide a “tipping” feature that permits followers to donate money throughout a live stream.

However, there are different options too.

Paywall live streaming platforms like Patreon or Stage It requires followers to pay for exclusive access much like a live performance.

Just keep in mind that utilizing a paywall platform efficiently means frequently releasing and streaming a variety of content material.

An up and coming possibility is e-commerce live streams like Pop Shop Live and Bambuser that can help you promote items like merch and vinyl as a part of your live stream.

Lastly, if educating is in your wheelhouse there are platforms like Teachable and Podia that open up paid choices for live stream teaching sessions and seminars.

Sizzling tipTwitch and SoundCloud recently partnered to permit artists to cross-promote and earn income from streams and merchandise sales on each platform.

4. Live streaming music ideas for artists

Before you hit the record button you need to have a blueprint for what your live stream will consist of.

Sure you could possibly share a song you wrote, however, what different concepts may you try?

Right here’s a couple of live streaming concepts:

  • In case you’re a DJ post a live set
  • Share a tutorial in your instrument
  • Give a tour of your home studio area
  • Cover a song from your favorite artist
  • Share fun experiences from the tour
  • Gear walkthroughs and reviews
  • Something that tells your story as an artist

There are so many ways to do a live stream, so be creative!

Try different concepts and you’ll discover the content material you and your followers love the most.

5. Team up with other artists and your community

One technique to get the word out about your live set is by hosting other artists in your live stream music.

Consider it as a virtual bill for a present that you’d play at a venue.

Except the venue’s on-line from your home studio!

You possibly can even arrange a calendar inside your local music scene to indicate when other artists in your community plan on live streaming their set.

Once your team up to promote your set you share your followers and gain access to new ones.

It’s a win-win for everyone!

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