How to Make Your Instagram Content Go Viral in 2024

Many have said, “Let’s make this go viral,” but mostly, they were higher-ups who didn’t understand social media well. You can’t plan for something to go viral, that’s the essence of viral marketing. However, you can enhance your odds of making your Instagram content go viral.

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What makes Instagram content go viral?

There isn’t one sure way to make your Instagram content go viral, but let’s focus on video formats. Videos are getting the most attention lately because Instagram and other platforms prioritize them. Plus, users prefer them as they’re quick to watch.

Instagram Reels is a top contender for viral status. Studies show they get 22% more engagement than regular videos and appear on the Explore page, reaching new audiences.

However, achieving viral status depends on many factors:

  • Your industry
  • The content you post (not just the format)
  • Your audience’s preferences
  • Your follower count

For instance, accounts with 0 – 5,000 followers have the highest engagement rates for Reels. The current record for Instagram likes is held by Lionel Messi’s carousel post, which got 10 million likes in just 39 minutes.

Even if you don’t reach those heights, there are best practices to help your content go viral on Instagram, even on a smaller scale.

Tips to Make Your Instagram Content Go Viral

Make Your Instagram Content Go Viral

Understand Your Audience

Knowing who your audience is crucial. If your content doesn’t interest them, it won’t go viral. So, dig into your audience data. Use Instagram analytics to learn what they like and tailor your content accordingly.

Define Your Brand Personality

Standing out is key. Develop a unique brand voice and personality that resonates with your audience. Take cues from brands like Innocent Drinks, who infuse humor and relatability into their content, making them stand out in a crowded market.

Discover the Trends

In today’s social media landscape, trends rule supreme. Whether it’s popular hashtags, trending sounds, or filters on Instagram Reels, staying updated is crucial. Instagram often promotes these trends, so embracing them can increase your chances of going viral.

Stay informed about what’s trending on Instagram, especially in Reels. But don’t just copy trends blindly; add your unique twist to them. Understand your brand voice and audience expectations to make the trend your own.

Analyze Your Competitors

Observing your competition can provide valuable insights. Analyze their content to understand what resonates with your shared audience. Identify content gaps and opportunities where you can shine uniquely. Build on successful content types in your brand’s style.

Understand Your Performance Data

Alongside tracking your competitors, keep an eye on your stats. Regularly review your performance to gauge how well your content is doing.

Some available tools can automate Instagram reports weekly, monthly, or quarterly. These reports reveal precise engagement figures and highlight your top-performing content. This data guides your content strategy, helping you create more engaging posts supported by solid evidence.

Identify Your Optimal Posting Times

While viral content can sustain engagement over time, its initial reception is crucial. The first few hours or even minutes after posting determine its success. Without visibility, even compelling content can get lost in users’ feeds.

Discover when your audience is most active (as discussed earlier) and tailor your posting schedule accordingly. Posting when your audience is most engaged maximizes your chances of success.

Know Your Collaboration Partners

Teaming up with influencers or brands can broaden your content’s reach and potential for virality. There are several ways to collaborate effectively.

Publish joint posts with other creators or brands to expose your content to their followers and vice versa. This introduces your content to new audiences who may not be familiar with you yet—for instance, Innocent Drinks partnered with Costa Coffee, resulting in significantly higher engagement for their Reels.

Work with influential content creators who boast large followings and high engagement rates. Follower count alone doesn’t guarantee results. Collaborating with the right people can increase your chances of going viral. Look for creators with a unique style and deep audience understanding.

Maintain Consistent Posting

While instant success is rare, consistent posting increases your chances of success on Instagram. Regular posting, with a consistent brand voice and schedule, aligns with the Instagram algorithm’s preferences.

Consider using a social media scheduler to plan Reels and posts in advance to streamline scheduling.

Your Chance to Shine

Going viral might seem like luck, but it’s often the result of consistent effort. While accidental virality is possible, you can increase your odds on Instagram by delivering the right content at the right moment.

Though there’s no foolproof guide to viral success, these tips aim to boost your chances!

FAQs: Your Burning Questions

Why Aim for Virality?

Going viral not only brings prestige but also expands your reach, boosts brand awareness, and potentially improves sales. Who wouldn’t want that?

Making Instagram Reels Go Viral

To increase your Reel’s chances, use popular trends, create high-quality content, mind the technical details, and inject authenticity.

Making Pictures Go Viral

Stand out with attention-grabbing photos, use specific hashtags, explore carousel posts, and tailor content to your audience’s preferences.

Making Posts Go Viral

Leverage specific hashtags, collaborate with other accounts, post when your audience is active, share posts on Stories, and create valuable, unique content.

The Viral View Count

While 100,000 views may signal virality, the threshold varies based on industry, goals, and audience.

The Magic Like Count

Similarly, 100,000 likes often denote virality, but it depends on factors like engagement and audience size.

Best Posting Times

Optimal posting times include early mornings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Friday afternoons.

Overnight Virality

Achieving overnight virality demands strategic content creation, trend utilization, collaboration, consistent posting, audience engagement, and profile optimization.

Remember, going viral blends timing, creativity, and audience connection, so stay true to your brand and adapt as needed.

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