Recover Deleted Facebook Posts: How to Do It in 2023

Last Updated on November 30th, 2023 at 12:41 pm

If you frequently engage on Facebook, you’ve likely shared numerous posts in various formats like text, photos, and videos on your profile. It’s plausible that you’ve unintentionally deleted a post and later felt regret. If this situation resonates with you, this post can provide some relief. Facebook and Instagram, being under the same corporate umbrella, provide a feature for retrieving deleted posts. Today, we’ll delve into how to recover deleted Facebook posts in 2023.

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Is it Possible to Take Back Deleted Facebook Posts?

Indeed, you can effortlessly recover deleted Facebook posts following simple steps. Nonetheless, there are essential considerations to consider before initiating the recovery process.

Facebook imposes a limitation on recovering posts deleted prior to 30 days. Any post deleted more than 30 days ago becomes irretrievable.

Recovery is exclusive to posts deleted within the 30-day timeframe. Once this period elapses, posts are permanently removed, and restoration becomes impossible.

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Posts

If you’ve unintentionally removed some posts from your Facebook profile and wish to retrieve them, accessing Facebook’s Recycle Bin feature is the solution. Here, we present an in-depth guide on navigating the Facebook Recycle Bin to tack back deleted posts. Let’s begin.

1. Launch your preferred web browser and go to Sign in to your Facebook account.

2. On the homepage, click the down arrow or your profile picture in the top-right corner.

3. From the drop-down menu, select Settings & Privacy.

4. Within Settings & Privacy, choose the Settings option, as illustrated in the screenshot below.

5. Click on the Privacy option displayed below.

6. On the Settings page, select Your Facebook information.

recover deleted Facebook posts

7. Click the View button adjacent to the Activity log on the right pane.

recover deleted Facebook posts

8. Scroll down and click on the Recycle Bin on the left pane.

recover deleted Facebook posts

9. Discover all the posts deleted within the last 30 days.

10. Choose the post you wish to recover and click on the Restore button.

recover deleted Facebook posts

That’s it! This process enables you to recover all deleted posts on Facebook. Remember that recovery is only possible for posts deleted within the 30-day timeframe; there’s no option to restore files deleted before 30 days on Facebook.

Recover Deleted Facebook Posts on Mobile

For those using the Facebook mobile app, follow these steps to recover a deleted Facebook post. These steps are applicable to both the iOS and Android versions of the Facebook app.

1. Launch the Facebook app on your mobile and navigate to your profile page.

2. Tap the three dots located beside the Edit Profile button.

3. On the Profile Settings page, select the Archive button.

4. On the Archive page, tap the Recycle Bin or Trash option.

5. Discover all previously deleted Facebook posts. Choose the post for recovery and tap the Restore button.

6. Confirm the restoration to your profile by tapping the Restore button on the prompt.

recover deleted Facebook posts

That’s it! This process restores the post to your profile. The demonstration uses the Android version of Facebook; iOS users can follow the same steps for recovery.

Archiving and Recovering Facebook Posts

In the realm of Facebook, an alternative to deletion is archiving posts. This feature distinguishes itself from deletion significantly. When you deleted a post, it enters the trash folder and remains there for a month. After this period, it is permanently eradicated from your account.

Archiving, on the contrary, permits post-concealment. When a Facebook post is archived, it relocates to the Archive folder within your account. The archived post can be reinstated at any time.

So, if the decision to delete a post is uncertain, archiving might be the optimal choice.

Recovering Deleted Facebook Posts after 30 Days

After the 30-day mark, deleted posts are irrevocably removed from your Facebook account. Retrieval of deleted Facebook posts beyond this timeframe is impossible.

However, if the post was archived, retrieval is feasible even post-30 days. This is because archiving moves posts, photos, or items to the archive folder instead of the Recycle bin.

Can’t Locate Post in the Trash Folder?

Not every deleted post finds its way to the Trash or Recycle Bin. For instance, if you posted eight photos and deleted the third one, it vanishes instantly without entering the Recycle Bin/Trash folder.

If the post is absent from the Trash folder, it is either permanently deleted or was deleted before 30 days.

Alternative Methods to Find Deleted Facebook Posts

When a post proves elusive, consider these strategies for recovery:

  1. Search for the Original Post: Employ Facebook’s search feature or utilize Google search with relevant keywords to locate the original post.
  2. Check Friends’ Emails: If friends have email notifications enabled, request them to check their email inbox for potential mentions or tags in the deleted post.
  3. Inspect Your Email Inbox: If Facebook push notifications are active, search your email inbox for ‘Facebook’ to uncover a potential copy of the deleted post.

This concludes the comprehensive guide on recovering deleted Facebook posts. To safeguard your posts and establish a backup, download a copy of your Facebook data. If assistance is essential in retrieving deleted Facebook posts, share your queries in the comments below.

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