Subscription on Instagram: How does it work?

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There is no doubt about it: Instagram Subscription feature is being introduced. With it, creators may charge their audience to access unique Instagram content — like Reels or feed posts — offering up a whole new way to connect (and make money) on the site. Watch out, Patreon! 

Instagram Subscriptions

“Subscriptions allow creators to make recurring, predictable income and connect with their most engaged fans, by giving exclusive content and experiences – all in one place,” explains the creator’s account on Instagram.

Creators can now set monthly pricing for exclusive content and add a “Subscribe” button to their profiles as part of the new feature:

instagram subscriptionAdditionally, subscribers will get a distinctive badge that will make them stand out in creators’ DMs and comment sections.

How to get Instagram Subscription?

Currently, only qualifying creators in the US can use the functionality. Tests for creators in the UK, Canada, and Australia will be conducted later.

In order to be qualified, creators must:

Can you make much money from Instagram Subscription?

Eight price options for subscription, ranging from $0.99 per month to $99.99 per month, are available to creators.

On both iOS and Android, subscription payments will be taken through standard in-app purchases. Moreover, for the time being, Instagram will not collect a cut of any fees.


Instagram is fully devoting to the creator economy with the launch of its creator marketplace this year and its affiliate marketing features.

Simply put, Instagram Subscriptions are just another strategy to increase the app’s competitiveness for creators (with competition from TikTok, YouTube, ..).

In other words, whether you’re debating to work as a content creator full- or part-time, now is your chance to thrive.

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