It’s hard to trust something if you don’t really understand it. Here we will explain how Instagram works so that you can use this platform more effectively. There are tons of misconceptions out there and of course, Instagram can do more to help people understand what Instagram works. This guide will help you answer these questions: “How does Instagram decide what appears in front of me first?”, “Why do some of my posts get more engagements than others?”, and “How does Instagram decide what to appear on Explore page?”.

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When Instagram stories launched, we’re worried about their limited time – just 24 hours – then they disappeared as they had never been there. Thanks to Instagram story highlights that make our Stories live forever and our followers can enjoy over and over again on our profile

Actually, Instagram highlight covers will be one of the first impressions when someone looks through your profile. If you don’t want your highlight series to be a mess, don’t forget to create a highlight cover theme. You can easily download the image for covers on Google or something but it will be great if you can make it unique for your own, right? And, it is totally simple, trust us!

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Ad dollars are an important source that drives social media discovery. However, the Instagram Explore page remains one of the final frontiers for organic reach.

Behind the Explore feed, Instagram’s fine-tuned algorithm has been real good at recommending users with content they might like. A bit too good, in terms of the spread of misinformation.

In response to both bad actors and good actors, the algorithm is continually evolving and learning to identify problematic content, eliminate bias, promote new formats and connect people with positive communities on the platform.

For brands, the benefits of appearing in the Explore tab include potential spikes in reach, impressions, and sales. It’s a spot to grow your audience and build community. Learn about the newest updates to the algorithm and the right method to land on the Explore page.

Keep reading this article to learn more tips to get on Instagram explore page in this year, 2021.

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You may wonder a question a thousand sleepless nights: “How often should I post to Instagram?”

Of course, there is way more to a successful social media strategy than just posting on Instagram the optimal number of times: it’s not a magic formula, let’s get that straight.

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The latest Instagram update includes what manufacturers and creators have been ready for — Instagram Reel Insights.

Since their introduction in 2019, Reels have developed into an integral part of Instagram’s ecosystem. They now sit entrance and center within the app, simply accessible from the home page, account pages, and Discover web page.

And the promoting efforts of Instagram Reels are paying off. More and more manufacturers and influencers are experimenting with the format. However, as the buzz around it grows (there are currently 169,000 Google searches for the phrase “Instagram Reels” per month!), entrepreneurs have unsurprisingly turn into eager to measure their performance.

Leading up to the recent replacement, the one approach to verify Reel efficiency was to:

  • Go to the Reels tab in your account to check the number of views every Reel obtained (displayed on the backside of every thumbnail)
  • Open an individual Reel to see how many likes and feedback it received

Viewing Instagram Reel view count, like count and comment count

And when you can still use these steps for a quick verify on a specific Reel, it is now possible to measure and monitor the performance of your larger Reels strategy via Instagram Insights.

Keep reading to learn more about:

  • The definition of Reels analytics
  • Causes you have to track Reels analytics
  • Useful Reels metrics
  • Navigating Reels Insights in the Instagram app

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