Bucket List of Things You Must Do on Instagram in 2023 (2/2)

Bucket List of Things to Do on Instagram

Continue with the last 6 things on the bucket list! You’ve hit a bit of a wall on Instagram. Your content isn’t bringing you as much joy as it once did. You’re just a little bit bored, it’s not about gaining more likes or following. The honeymoon period has ended. Hey, don’t give up. You simply need to put some effort into it. It’s time to add some spice. Let’s try this bucket list of things you must do on Instagram in 2023.

7. Behind-the-scenes content

There are times when knowing about the process is more interesting. Your audience will get a better sense of who you are if you share your process. Whether it’s how to create soy candles, set up lighting for an indie movie, or take the perfect photo of your poodle. Moreover, you have the chance to simply double the content of the same material.

The owner of this skincare business staged a product photo shoot and also created a reel showing all the images in her camera roll. This is an effective method for introducing your audience to another aspect of your brand.

8. Updated poll sticker on Instagram Stories

Bucket List of Things You Must Do on Instagram in 2023 (2/2)

The poll sticker was first added to Instagram Stories in 2019. The poll only allowed two answer options, which was rather restrictive. However, the platform added extra poll options in January 2022, so you may now include up to four answers in your poll. You can ask your followers about their fav brands, thoughts on new launches, fav seasons, etc.

9. Contest or GA

To thank your followers for their support, organizing an Instagram contest or giveaway is a great approach. Just know that your event must comply with certain laws and regulations. Or else, you are at risk of having it removed. You can hold a giveaway for any occasion, such as a special brand anniversary or a holiday-themed event. Or simply because everyone enjoys getting things for free.

10. Pinned-posts feature

Pinned posts at the top of Instagram profile grid

Instagram added a new feature in the spring of 2022, allowing you to pin up to three posts to the top of your profile grid. Your followers will see your most important posts first if you pin them. Simply select the post you want to pin, click the three dots, and choose “Pin to your profile”. This will move them to the top of your profile. The photo on your grid will have a tiny pin icon in the top right corner.

Still do not understand how to pin post, take a look at this simple instruction!

11. Take your family in with you

In recent years, there has been a huge favorable shift towards authenticity on social media. Instead of excessively filtered perfection, people are more interested in genuine. Showing a more personal side of your brand, such as what your family thinks, is one original method to make your brand’s social media presence seem more authentic. Of course, this is not for everybody, and not every dad enjoys being recorded. But it’s a fun—and humorous—way to share more of who you are if your loved ones are ready.

12. Take Instagram SEO to consider

Okay, we’ll confess that this isn’t the most attractive strategy on the list. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is still relevant today. It works well on practically any internet-based platform, not just Instagram. SEO’s sole reason is to make it simple for others to find you on Instagram. In detail, using the appropriate keywords, hashtags, and alt text are all parts of proper Instagram SEO.

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