The Best TikTok Hashtags to Use in 2021 (2/2)


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How one can discover the best hashtags for your TikTok videos

Of course, you may just go with your intestine and use the most descriptive tags that pop into your thoughts to label your TikTok masterpiece (#howtomakeapeanutbutterandbananasandwich). However, a strong hashtag technique entails a little less guessing and a bit of extra finding out.

Take a cue from the competitors

We don’t need to play copycat here, however, it’s essential to maintain the competitors. Seeing which hashtags they’re utilizing can supply some perception into what others in your business may be doing and encourage you to attempt reaching audiences or utilizing search phrases you may not have thought of.

Cheerios, for example, may need to know that Magic Spoon is getting some cause traction with the tags #cerealgourmet and #fallbaking.

Or, there’s the alternative profit: checking in in your rivals can supply a roadmap for what not to do, or what hashtags to keep away from so you’re not in head-to-head competitors for eyeballs.

Examine your viewers’ hashtag habits

What hashtags do your viewers use already? Scoop some inspiration proper from their videos to wedge yourself into the identical dialog. Chances are, different folks identical to them are utilizing or looking for similar words or phrases.

Members of the bookworm community on TikTok (a.k.a BookTok) recurrently tag their fave reads with hashtags like #booktokFYP, #bookrecs, and #booktok, however, you may also discover particular tags associated with the collection, occasions, or seasons… like #booktober within the fall.

Tapping into these pre-existing TikTok communities is a chance to increase your attain, so spend a while combing via your top followers’ videos to gather some key hashtag inspiration.

Got some time to dive deeper? Look into who else these followers are following, and what hashtags these accounts are utilizing. You may study something about your personal fan culture or business along the way.

Create a branded hashtag

Whereas it’s essential to make use of pre-existing hashtags, you also have the chance on TikTok to create a branded hashtag of your very personal.

Cookware model OurPlace uses #alwayspan in posts about its best-selling skillet. Click on through, and also you’ll discover all of the account’s pan-related TikTok videos in one place… plus content from followers who additionally need to, uh, fry up some conversation.

A branded hashtag is only a hashtag that you simply invent to advertise a campaign, product, or your entire model. That is one thing you can begin adding to your TikTok videos. The dream, in fact, is that followers and followers begin organically utilizing your hashtag and that you collect user-generated content within the process, however, you may all the time try running a full-on contest to assist popularize its use.

The best way to use hashtags on TikTok: 7 ideas and methods

Take advantage of your new hashtag wisdom by finding out these pro-level TikTok tagging skills and insights.

What number of hashtags to use on TikTok

TikTok’s restrict for captions is 100 characters, and you may squeeze as many hashtags in there as you’d like. There doesn’t appear to be any disadvantage to maxing out your hashtag count, so have at ‘er and squish as many as you may in there.

How one can reach the most people with hashtags on TikTok

The key sauce to maximizing your reach with hashtags is to combine popular hashtags with niche ones. As talked about above, this spicy brew will assist you to reach broad and narrow audiences.

Canadian sketch comedy present This Hour Has 22 Minutes is trying to maximize the reach of their videos with each the wide-reaching #canada hashtag, and one which zooms in on the subject of this sketch: #potatoes.

On the one hand, with top TikTok hashtags, you’ll get extra folks looking for the term… however you’ll even be the only one post among many. Niche hashtags may need fewer folks looking for them, however, you may bet the people who are in search of #sonicthehedgehogfanart are going to be thrilled to find your content.

The best way to create a hashtag on TikTok

Need to make your personal hashtag on TikTok? Simply sort your excellent combo of letters and numbers into your caption, post your video, and like magic, you’ve birthed a hashtag out into the world.

For the greatest chances of different folks hopping onboard your cool new tag, try to create something with easy spelling that’s straightforward to recollect and is self-explanatory. One thing that includes the title of your model or product is usually a good idea, like #liveinlevis.

Tips on how to create a hashtag challenge on TikTok

Encourage folks to use your customized hashtag by selling it with a problem. In other phrases: give your followers a selected job to accomplish or ask them to show off something particular. That might be a dance move, a makeover sequence, a dare (somebody please bring back coning), a product demo, whatever!

Get creative, and you could possibly have the following #twotowelchallenge in your hands.

The way to improve the variety of TikTok hashtags

Should you run out of characters within the caption, right here’s somewhat trick: add even more hashtags within the comments.

The algorithm doesn’t prioritize these hashtags to the identical level as these within the caption, however, it’s a technique to enhance your alternative for discovery in search… so it definitely can’t hurt.

How one can save hashtags for future use

End up utilizing the identical hashtags over and over? Save time by saving your faves within the notes app on your phone so you may merely copy and paste them into your caption to your subsequent video.

Should you’re sharing several types of content that everyone has their own set of use-specific hashtags, make just a few different lists that cover all of your bases: one checklist to your how-to videos, one to your behind-the-scenes content, and so forth.

save hashtags for future use on notes app

Now that you’re brimming with#hashtagconfidence, go forth and tag fast, tag furious. Present that TikTok is simply what you’re made of! You’ll be lighting up the For You web page and racking up TikTok followers in no time.

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