Digital Media Report 2022: Facebook Hasn’t Died (2/2)

Digital Report 2022

Continue to read about the newest digital media report in 2022 of stats on social, ads, e-commerce, and more.

You’ll learn about Facebook’s outlook for the upcoming months, the metaverse development from insightful perspectives, shifts at the top of a major social media ranking, fascinating trends in TikTok behavior, and more in this article. If you want to learn what people are actually doing online—just continue reading below to read about our digital media report in 2022.

The hype around the Metaverse has not been successful (yet)

Another topic that has been making the rounds in recent weeks concerns the Metaverse’s purported lack of growth.

Despite having a market valuation of more than $1 billion USD, Decentraland only has 38 active users, according to CoinDesk. But the article also states that the statistic only includes people who actively made purchases while using Decentraland. Clearly, this is a very “selective” use of data.

Less than 57,000 monthly active users currently register in Decantraland, as mentioned in their response to CoinDesk. Even with that, each MAU would still be worth more than $17,500 based on the claimed valuation of $1 billion.

Investors would expect that the number of active users will grow over time. However, statistics show that Decantraland’s monthly active users have decreased since “the early metaverse excitement of late 2021.”

So, “the Metaverse” is nothing more than a lot of hype?

In fact, relevant data proves not.

The user numbers for Decentraland and the Sandbox aren’t particularly exciting (yet). However, those for other “virtual worlds” seem considerably more promising.

There are already a ton of impressive statistics to explore if you’re willing to include immersive games that offer in-world experiences in your definition of the Metaverse.

The “virtual worlds” of Minecraft, Roblox, and Fortnite, all are Metaverse-like, already draw hundreds of millions of MAUs.

Digital Media Report 2022: active users of top metaverse game


This does, in fact, provide evidence that the Metaverse has potential. We still have to see, though. Whether that potential goes beyond the current gaming focus and how much it is worth?

Your marketing budget would likely be better spent somewhere else for the time being if you can’t already see a way to tap into these fields.

YouTube tops time spent

According to’s most recent ranking of social media platforms by average time spent, YouTube has recovered the top spot. Between 1 April and 30 June 2022, the typical user used YouTube for an average of 23.4 hours per month, meaning about 1.5 days.

Digital Media Report 2022: time using social apps


TikTok continues to grow

According to our most recent data, TikTok commercials now reach 945 million adults over the age of 18 every month. This is an increase of 121 million from just a year ago.

Over the past year, TikTok’s ad reach has increased by 14.6%, and the platform’s advertisements now reach more than 1 in 6 adults worldwide each month.

Digital Media Report 2022: tiktok advertising audience overview


TikTok’s revenue is growing

Additionally, TikTok users continue to spend an increasing amount of money on the platform, so it’s not simply the platform’s ad reach that is growing.

According to Sensor Tower’s analysis, TikTok’s global revenues between July and September 2022 exceeded $914 million USD. This number has included spending on Douyin in China.

On the other hand, this revenue number even excludes Bytedance’s advertising revenues and only counts customer spending on TikTok.

TikTok was the top-grossing non-game mobile app in the globe in Q3 2022, according to and Sensor Tower. This is calculated based on consumer spending across the Google Play and Apple iOS stores.

Digital Media Report 2022: consumer spend ranking


Reels is still rolling

The most recent estimate of potential reach via Reels shows a rise of more than 220 million people since July 2022, putting it at 700 million users.

Digital Media Report 2022: facebook ad audience by placement type


Instagram Reels advertising now reaches 758.5 million users. This is up 0.5% from the 754.8 million users back in July, according to data from October 2022.

Digital Media Report 2022: instagram ad audience by placement type


Social is still widely used on the web (not just apps)

Not just one of the most popular smartphone apps, TikTok is also one of the most popular websites.

According to Semrush, now receives more than 800 million unique visitors each month. This takes up more than half of all the platform’s active users.


If you’re planning TikTok content, it’s worth taking into account even though it’s unclear whether this increase in TikTok activity in web browsers has any particular implications for marketers.

However, it’s crucial to remember that TikTok is not the only example of this “social web” phenomenon.

The majority of the largest social platforms continue to get billions of unique visitors on websites per month, according to Semrush’s most recent data.


More people spend time listening to Podcasts

The average daily time spent listening to podcasts has climbed by 7% globally over the past year, or 4 minutes more per day.

21.3% of internet users between the ages of 16 and 64 spend 61 minutes per day, on average, listening to podcasts each week.


Email, music, and more are outperformed by Online buying

The usage of online shopping platforms has surpassed email, music, even news and weather services in the previous 30 days, according to nearly 56% of internet users who are of working age worldwide.


Just 1 in 3 people decline cookies

You might be startled to learn that the majority of internet users still accept cookies if you’ve read anything about online privacy.


What do these figures indicate, then?

Apparently, most internet users don’t give a damn about cookies despite constant arguments around the legitimacy of them. These findings also indicate that authorities and the media may be overreacting to the cookie issue.

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