5 Gen Z Marketing Strategies in 2022 (1/2)


In this article, we will discover out 5 marketing strategies to reach and connect with Gen Z in 2022.

Who’s Gen Z?

Young, tech-savvy, and socially-minded, Gen Z is the most racially and ethnically diverse generation ever with a spending power of over $140 billion.

Having grown up with smartphones, the Web, and social media, these digital natives usually tend to purchase from manufacturers which have established clear values, are inclusive, and have a strong online community.

According to PRZM co-founder, Liz Toney, “They’re driving spending, are behind a few of the largest behavioral and cultural shifts that we see at present, and are additionally making selections that can have an effect on us for years to come.”

In case you haven’t begun occupied with this youthful generation, 2022 is the perfect time to begin. With a couple of methods tailored specifically to Gen Z, you possibly can faucet into their viewers and create content they’ll engage with — without alienating your current clients.

Gen Z Marketing Strategies To Implement in 2022

With a purpose to connect with this generation of digital experts, you may need to hold these 5 methods in thoughts:

  1. Set up Clear Values & Mission
  2. Be Transparent & Accountable
  3. Set up Your Model’s Personality
  4. Be Entertaining
  5. Construct A Community

#1: Set up Clear Values & Mission

Before advertising to Gen Z, it’s necessary for your model to have its values and mission established. However, why does this matter?

“Gen Zers are much more inclined to vote with our bucks, and consider a model’s values are a reflection of our own,” explains Gen Z expert (and Gen Zer!) Larry Milstein.

Some topics that matter to Gen Z include:

  • LGBTQ+ rights: 60% of Gen Zers suppose same-sex {couples} ought to be capable of adopt youngsters
  • Diversity: 60% of Gen Zers say increased racial and ethnic diversity is nice for society
  • Social responsibility: 70% of Gen Zers try to buy from firms they consider ethical

“We’re 3x more likely than older generations to consider an organization has a job in enhancing society,” provides Larry.

Take underwear model Parade for instance:

Parade’s concentrate on physique positivity and inclusivity is redefining the underwear business. Their content not solely helps to normalize stretch marks and physique hair, however, they worth self-expression and are vocal advocates for LGBTQ+ rights and the decriminalization of sex work.

With clearly defined values, Parade is able to differentiate itself from different manufacturers in its business and engage with Gen Z audiences.

The takeaway? Establishing your model’s values and communicating them successfully is essential to connecting with Gen Z.

#2: Be Transparent & Accountable

The following step in your Gen Z advertising technique is to make sure you’re being transparent and taking accountability for any missteps.

Gen Z has no qualms about doing their research. They’ll do a deep dive into a model’s website, scroll via their social media accounts, and skim comments and reviews.

Model trust is only second to price in terms of figuring out what manufacturers we’re going to support. You’ve seen manufacturers trip up because they’ve not upheld the standards that they’ve been communicating,” explains Larry.

Throughout 2020’s resurgence of the BLM movement on social media, skincare model Cocokind introduced that moving forward, they’d be releasing a report of their team’s racial and ethnic makeup so their community may maintain them accountable:

Firm culture matters to Gen Z, and your model ought to maintain the same values externally and internally. It’s not sufficient to cast and work with numerous creators and influencers. Larry adds: “It must be constructed into the material of the model.”

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