TikTok Live: How to Go Live on TikTok (2/2)


Continue to discover how to go live on TikTok (With or Without 1,000 Followers)…

The way to go live on TikTok on a tablet

To go live on TikTok on a tablet, comply with the identical procedures as with the mobile TikTok app above.

A fast experiment: Can you go live on TikTok without 1,000 followers?

We’d been listening to some rumors that there was a workaround to go Live, even without 1,000 followers. Although we wouldn’t need to endorse non-TikTok-approved hacks, we thought it was valued putting to the check.

Mainly, the alleged workaround concerned filing a support ticket (a.k.a., a lie) claiming that you just used to have Live access, and asking the customer service rep to “reinstate” this privilege.

However, the bad news: long story short, once we tried this hack, it didn’t work.

That being stated, possibly in case you have a more lively TikTok presence, you’ll have better luck? Right here’s the advised protocol:

  1. To file this report, go to Me and choose the three-dot menu.
  2. Faucet Report a problem.

Settings and privacy on TikTok

  1. Tap I can’t begin a Live.

Feedback and help screen on TikTok

  1. You’ll be prompted, “Is your problem resolved?” Choose No after which Need more help.
  2. On the suggestions kind screen, sort “I might beforehand begin a live broadcast and now I can’t.”

Reporting a problem on TikTok

  1. Faucet Report.
  2. Theoretically, a customer service rep can be in contact and allow live broadcasts…

…or possibly they won’t, as was the case once we tried this trick.

Feedback submission screen on TikTok

If it doesn’t work for you either, you’d better get to work building engagement to drive up your fan depend organically.

11 newbie mistakes to keep away from when going live on TikTok

Live videos could be uncut and unedited, however, to supply a memorable stream nonetheless takes time, though, and planning. Keep away from these common rookie mistakes:

Mistake #1: Going live every time you feel prefer it

Certain, a spontaneous live stream could be a fun shock for followers, however, to actually maximize the variety of individuals tuning in, intention to go live when your viewers are normally online, scrolling, and lively. It’s your finest probability at landing on their For You page.

Mistake #2: Broadcasting for too long

Whereas Live periods might be as long as 60 minutes, TikTok suggests aiming for about 30 minutes maximum. That’s proper: with regards to live streams on TikTok, less is extra.

Mistake #3: Going live without warning

Posting a daily TikTok video forward of your live stream is a savvy approach to promote your broadcast because any person who sees your video may even see a particular icon that lets them know you’re streaming. This icon will allow them to pop into your stream instantly from their For You feed to scope out the action.

Mistake #4: Bad lighting

Poor lighting makes it tough for viewers to see what’s occurring—a bit of an issue for a visual medium.

Take the time to ensure your lighting is decent before you go live. Search out a well-lit area with loads of pure lighting and even grab a ring light.

Mistake #5: Broadcasting from a loud setting

Background noise might be distracting and disruptive to your broadcast, so make certain to discover a quiet place on your stream.

Mistake #6: Putting up with patchy wifi

It’s fairly hard to run a successful stream with a wonky web connection. In case you’re cutting in and out, it’s tough on your viewers to really interact.

Check your connectivity before you go live, and in case your wifi is constantly patchy, it may be value investing in a better speed or stronger sign.

Mistake #7: Shaky camera angles

A bit of action or movement can actually punch up a live stream, however, too much motion or shaking could make for dizzying expertise. Instead, intention for a steady position, propping up your phone, or utilizing a tripod for one of the best angles.

Mistake #8: Winging it

A part of the joy of a live stream is definitely the spontaneous, anything-can-happen energy. But when issues are too meandering or unfocused, your viewers may start to wonder what, precisely, they’re doing here.

A basic plan of attack (talking factors jotted down, or a rough define) may also help hold you on observe and on message so your viewers are getting most worth out of their time with you.

Mistake #9: Forgetting to interact with your viewers

The great thing about TikTok Live is that it’s interactive: you may interact with your viewers within the moment, responding to requests or answering questions in real-time.

Don’t neglect to keep watch over your chat because it’s occurring so that you’re not lacking an opportunity to construct your relationship with your followers.

Mistake #10: Getting harassed

Not trying to victim-blame here! Just saying that it’s a mistake to not benefit from the moderation instruments TikTok has in place for live streams.

Creators can filter comments, and mute or block viewers if want be. You can even assign moderators to deal with any pesky trolls, so you may just concentrate on creating nice content.

Mistake #11: Not crunching the numbers

You realize we’re obsessed with metrics over here. So we’re thrilled to see that TikTok now has Live analytics along with its other analytics. Evaluate your data to see quantitatively how your broadcast went, so you may tweak, iterate and enhance for subsequent time.

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