5 Reasons Why TikTok Offers Tremendous Opportunities (2/2)

TikTok Offers Tremendous Opportunities

[Part 2] Why TikTok offers tremendous opportunities – Maybe you’re not confident in your dancing abilities. Perhaps you don’t consider yourself “cool” enough. Maybe you can’t keep up with the never-ending trends and challenges that emerge and fade just as quickly. Maybe you’re not sure where you fit in.

TikTok can be intimidating and, dare we say, overwhelming. But would you believe us if we told you that’s also part of what makes it exciting? It’s true: the same thing that makes you sweat is also what makes this app so exciting. And strong. And powerful.

That is where the true value of your company lies. Not sure if you’re on board? We looked at some of the most common concerns about using TikTok for Business and explained why they’re actually huge opportunities.

Continue reading to learn more about TikTok’s true potential.

Why TikTok Offers Tremendous Opportunities – Reason #4: TikTok is all about making good videos

TikTok is all about video, which may make you think that you need professional-level video production skills to make good TikTok videos.

When it comes to creating excellent social content, not having the right equipment, skills, or (let’s face it) budget can be a huge impediment. And it appears that some of the most popular TikTok videos are loaded with fancy editing tricks and effects.

Why is it actually an opportunity?

The app is all about video, but it isn’t all about glossy video.

TikTok is all about authenticity. Sometimes heavily produced videos go viral, but more often than not, it’s the scrappy DIY stuff that goes viral.

Globally, an average of 64% of TikTok users say they can be their true selves on TikTok, while 56% say they can post videos they wouldn’t post anywhere else. This is something they like about the app, and it’s something they want to see from businesses as well.

According to TikTok’s research with Flamingo, 65 percent of TikTok users agree that professional-looking videos from brands feel out of place or odd on TikTok (Marketing Science Global Community and Self-expression Study 2021).

Authenticity is simply good business: 56% of users and 67% of creators feel more connected to brands they see on TikTok, especially when they publish human, unpolished content.

What should you do about it?

Users want authenticity over polish. So, be yourself, flaws and all.

The best filming equipment is something you already have: a mobile phone. Use TikTok to edit your video (it has a TON of easy-to-use features). If you need some assistance, check out our TikTok Video Making Workshop, where a creator walks you through the process of creating your first video step by step.

What is more important than the style of your video? Its subject matter. Aside from an endless supply of trend-driven content ideas, there are numerous other options for what you can post.

Why TikTok Offers Tremendous Opportunities – Reason #5: TikTok is brimming with brands doing exciting things

Retail and B2C brands typically receive the most attention for doing cool things on TikTok.

You only have to look at companies like Chipotle and Gymshark to see how they capitalize on trends, run popular branded hashtag challenges, and amass millions of followers.

It can be intimidating to see all of these brands touted as success stories.

You don’t want to be the boring partygoer. And TikTok appears to be a place where your brand has to be super cool, trendy, or provocative—which isn’t natural for your brand or industry.

Why is it actually an opportunity?

B2B businesses (as well as many service-based businesses) frequently operate in extremely niche markets with extremely niche audiences. This works against you on other networks.

However, the TikTok algorithm is far more likely to deliver your very niche content to a very niche audience that is genuinely excited about it. TikTok actually serves B2B businesses (and other less-exciting brands) better than other social networks.

You don’t have to make glossy films to succeed on TikTok, and you don’t have to make wildly splashy videos to reach YOUR people.

It’s true that entertainment is one of the most popular types of content on the platform. However, people frequently overlook the other two: inspiration and education.

The key to TikTok content success is right in front of you: TikTokers LOVE to learn. Few businesses are better positioned than B2B brands to create educational content. (It’s also an excellent strategy for a wide range of businesses, from banks to law firms.)

It’s the type of content you’re most likely already very good at producing for your other marketing channels. You simply need to begin adapting that mindset to TikTok.

If you’re still unsure whether you fit in, consider this:

TikTok influences the purchase decisions of 13.9 percent of B2B decision-makers who use social for work research. That simply would not be the case if B2B brands were not appropriate for the app.

What should you do about it?

Good news! TikTok users are very willing to watch content from brands: 73% of TikTokers say they feel deeper connections to brands on TikTok than on other sites and apps and 56% feel more

Excellent news! TikTok users are eager to watch brand content: 73% of TikTokers say they have deeper connections to brands on TikTok than on other sites and apps, and 56% feel more positive about a brand after seeing it on TikTok.

How do you make them feel good?

Seal the deal with your audience by teaching them something new—38 percent of TikTok users said a brand feels authentic when they are taught something.

TikTok Offers Tremendous Opportunities, so you can’t afford to pass up the TikTok opportunity (even if it makes you nervous)

Taking a chance on a new platform can be intimidating. Nobody wants to put their time, energy, or money into something and not get anything tangible or measurable in return.

However, the good news is that this is unlikely to happen with TikTok.

True, it’s a fantastic place to get new eyes. So good, in fact, that 70% of TikTokers say they’ve discovered new products and brands that fit their lifestyles on the platform. (Recall what we said about that magical algorithm earlier?)

However, it is not only for brand awareness. Have you heard of the hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt? It’s a force to be reckoned with, with 14 BILLION views (and counting).

TikTok has a lot of purchase intent as well:

  • After watching a TikTok video, 93 percent of users took action.
  • TikTokers are 1.5x more likely to immediately go out and buy something they discovered on the platform than users of other platforms
  • 57 percent of users agreed that TikTok inspired them to shop even when they weren’t looking to do so.

TikTok users are not only more likely to purchase. They’re also engaged customers who are 2.4x more likely than other platform users to create a post and tag a brand after purchasing a product and 2x more likely to comment or DM a brand after purchasing.

TikTok is a platform for discovery. As well as consideration. Also, conversions. Customer loyalty is also important.

Begin with small steps

TikTokers will be unable to see your business if you are not on the platform, so put yourself out there.

Create a TikTok for Business account. Create content that demonstrates the worth of your product or service as well as your brand. Interact with your audience. Participate in a group.

Then, and this is critical, MEASURE everything.

Include a link in your bio and employ UTMs to track traffic and conversions in your website analytics. Use a social media management platform like Hootsuite to schedule your TikTok videos, manage comments, and, most importantly, measure TikTok alongside all of your other social channels to track your reach, engagement, and other key metrics. TikTok even has a customer relationship management (CRM) integration, allowing you to set up a direct lead flow using LeadsBridge or Zapier.

If you want to know more about TikTok Marketing Strategy, read more here!

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