Alternative Tools for Facebook Analytics in 2023 (1/2)

alternative tool for Facebook Analytics

As 2023 approaches, Facebook has about 3 billion active users worldwide. On such a huge platform, how can you recognize what works and connect with your community? In order to get the answers to these questions and make sure your Facebook marketing strategy is effective, Facebook analytics and alternative tools for Facebook Analytics are crucial.

The best tool Facebook Analytics 

You may improve your future approach and have a better understanding of your past Facebook performance by monitoring Facebook analytics. Reviewing your Facebook analytics is another crucial step in understanding your target audience. All of this might assist you either change your marketing plan or mix and mass your content to better reach your target audience.

Common questions about Facebook analytics

How can I get my Facebook analytics?

Clicking See insights and ads under any of your Facebook posts is the simplest method. This provides you with a broad overview of the post’s level of success. You must use Meta Business Suite, Facebook Page Insights if you want more in-depth statistics.

What do Facebook analytics demonstrate?

The tool you pick will determine what you see when you examine your Facebook analytics. When you click on the insights for a specific post on your Facebook page, a pop-up window with brief statistics appears.

Exists Facebook Insights anymore?

Facebook Insights is still available, however, it may now be accessed through your Facebook Page or the Professional dashboard directly. Therefore, even if Facebook Insights is no longer a standalone service, the data is still accessible.

Facebook Alternative Analytics tools

Meta Business Suite

Meta Business Suite overview

Became the default tool to access Facebook analytics, Meta Business Suite has taken the role of Facebook Analytics. You may view analytics, trends, and visual reports right here to get more information about your entire Facebook account or specific posts. To access Facebook analytics in Meta Business is also very simple. Just open Meta Business Suite and choose Insights. To view additional information about your Facebook metrics, click any of the categories in the left menu.

Facebook Page Insights

Facebook professional dashboard

You can review some basic data about your Page, audience, and posts here. This data is quite straightforward and only goes back a short period of time. To acces to this, click Insights from your Facebook Business Page in the left menu under Professional Tools. Or, just click See insights and ads under any post to open this tool. 

Find out some more Facebook Analytics tools to help you measure your marketing performance!

Key Facebook analytics metrics


Facebook page reach and insights on Meta Analytics

For the Page, the following metrics will be very helpful and important to evaluate your performance: Reach, Visits, New likes, Follower growth rate


Age & Gender and Location are the two main factors to determine your target market. Age & Gender presents the percentage of women and men, with the breakdown of age group. Meanwhile, you may find the top cities and nations of your audience via Location. So that you can get the source of the likes and follows.

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