Crafting an Captivating Facebook Business Page

Facebook hosts nearly 2 billion active users monthly, so having a great Facebook Business Page is vital for any company wanting to boost its online presence. You might think it’s simple—throw up a photo and a few posts and watch the leads and customers pour in, right? Not quite. Without a solid strategy to get noticed, Liked, and engaged, your Facebook Page won’t likely bring in many leads or customers. To assist you, we’ve put together a handy guide for crafting your captivating Facebook Business Page, and we’ve gathered the tips below to ensure your page leverages everything Facebook marketing offers.

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How to Design a Captivating Facebook Business Page

1. Start your Page

Captivating Facebook Business Page

A Facebook Business Page isn’t like your personal page. You control it from your personal Facebook account as a Page Administrator.

To make a Facebook Business Page, follow these steps:

  • Pick a personal Facebook account to create your Facebook Business Page. If you don’t have one, make one.
  • You might consider making a new Facebook account with your work email to keep things apart, but it’s not necessary.
  • Click on the See All button on the left sidebar menu, then choose Page from the Create menu that pops up on the right.

2. Fill in your details

On the next page, add some basic info about your business.

  • Page name: Your business name.
  • Category: Pick the category that best fits your business. Facebook has many options, so type to see suggestions.
  • Bio: Keep it short. Write a sentence or two about who you are, what you do, and your values.

Now, let’s make it official. Click Create Page. Congrats! You now have a Facebook Business Page.

Next, provide more business details, like:

  • Website
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Hours
  • Location

Top tip: Check how your page looks on mobile to ensure it’s right for phone users.

In 2023, 98.5% of Facebook users accessed it on mobile, with 81.8% using only their phones. So, a mobile-friendly approach is vital.

3. Upload your profile pic and cover photo

It’s time to add some flair to your page with clear, sharp images that show off your brand.

Use your logo for the profile picture. For the cover photo, choose something eye-catching that matches your brand’s colors. We suggest using PNG format for images with text or logos.

Recommended sizes:

Profile picture: At least 170px x 170px Cover photo: 851px x 315px

4. Include an action button

An action button is a special call-to-action (CTA) under your cover photo. It can guide visitors to a webpage, book appointments, or contact you directly.

A well-chosen action button can boost conversions from your Facebook Business Page. Follow these steps to add one:

Click the button with a dash, then Add Page Button. Choose a button from the list and click Next. Follow the on-screen instructions and click Save.

5. Add the final touches

Now, you’re almost finished setting up your business page and getting ready to share exciting posts. But before you do, let’s do a few last things to make your page even better.

Customize your tabs

Go to your page management dashboard, then click More > Manage Sections. Pick the tabs that matter most for your Facebook page, based on what your business does. You might want to hide tabs like “Music” or “Sports” if they’re not relevant. Get a custom URL

A custom URL

This makes your Facebook page look more professional. People prefer seeing instead of To get a custom URL, go to General Page Settings and click Edit next to Username. Pin a Post

Pin a post

Choose a post you want to keep at the top of your page, like a special offer or a new product announcement. Pin a post by clicking the pin icon on the post you choose. If you’ve done all these steps, you’re set to start building a lively Facebook Business Page that connects with your audience and boosts sales.

But, don’t stop there. Keep the momentum going by posting regularly. If you need ideas, check out our 41 Facebook Post Ideas for Businesses guide.

15 Tips for a Captivating Facebook Business Page

Got your Facebook Business Page set up? Wondering what to do next? Here are some simple tips to make your page more engaging. Check them out below.

#1: Create eye-catching images

Your page should look neat and match your brand style. Use Canva to make cool graphics easily. They have templates for all types of posts.

#2: Give different roles to team members

If you work with others, give them different roles on your page. Admins have full control, editors can edit, and so on.

#3: Connect your YouTube channel

If you have a YouTube channel, link it to your Facebook page. This way, you can share your videos with your Facebook fans.

#4: Post regularly

Keep a regular posting schedule. For B2B, post 4-6 times a week. For B2C, daily posts work best. Consistent posting helps your page get noticed.

#5: Advertise your page

Use Facebook ads to promote your page to new people. Click “Promote” on your page to get started.

#6: Try Facebook Live

Go live on Facebook to connect with your audience in real-time. You can do Q&A sessions, introduce your team, or run contests.

#7: Try different types of posts

Facebook offers many post formats. Try polls, stories, events, and more. Experiment to see what your audience likes.

#8: Work with influencers

Collaborate with influencers to reach new audiences. Create content that feels genuine and fits with your brand.

#9: Post when your audience is online

Post in the evening or afternoon when people are active. Check your Insights to see when your fans are online. Adjust your posting times accordingly.

#10: Make Videos Easy to Watch Without Sound

Most people watch Facebook videos without turning on the sound. To reach them, add text, subtitles, and clear visuals to your videos. This way, viewers can understand your message even without sound. Learn more about making silent videos in our guide.

#11: Use Content from Your Fans

When someone mentions your business in a post, ask if you can share it on your page. This is called User-Generated Content (UGC). Sharing content from your fans shows others that people enjoy your business, building trust. You can even encourage customers to share by offering discounts or running giveaways.

#12: Talk to Your Audience

Engage with your customers by replying to their comments on your posts. Be friendly and helpful. Thank them for using your product or offer support. This builds loyalty and community on your page.

#13: Check Your Page Insights

Use Facebook Insights to see how your page is doing. It tracks user behavior and post-performance. With this data, you can create better content and make your page more successful.

#14: Connect with Instagram

Connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page. This lets you share posts and stories directly from Instagram to Facebook. It keeps your content consistent across platforms and gives your audience more ways to connect with you.

#15: Share Relevant Content

Post more than just ads for your product. Share articles, posts from other brands, and industry news. Make sure it’s from trusted sources and ask your followers for their thoughts.

Get Started with Your Facebook Page Today!

With these tips, you’re ready to create a captivating Facebook business page for your brand. Keep posting regularly and responding to comments to keep your audience engaged. Boost your customer interaction with a strong Facebook presence.

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