Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategy

Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategy

Facebook Messenger might help your business connect with leads, prospects, and clients in a proactive and personal approach. In case you’ve never used Facebook Messenger for your business before or you’re searching for a concrete Facebook messenger marketing strategy, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s go over the four essential steps of devising and implementing a Facebook messenger marketing strategy.

1. Identify your objective.

What objective will Facebook Messenger serve to you and your business? Before you implement Facebook Messenger into your business strategy, think about what questions, requests, and considerations you may encounter via this channel. One of many essential causes your clients or prospects are reaching out to you on Messenger is because they need their solutions quickly, so ensure your reps are ready.

Think via common questions folks may ask. In what part of the method do clients get frustrated? In case you have a support team, what are the commonest questions they get asked? When you have a knowledge base, what are the most common articles folks search for? If you can’t answer any of those questions comfortably, put a few of your most veteran employees on Messenger obligation — the folks who actually know your business. As soon as they’ve been on Messenger for a number of weeks, they’ll have the ability to let you know common questions and trends so that your different reps really feel confident staffing Facebook Messenger.

2. Train your team.

Make sure that each team member is comfortable with utilizing Facebook Messenger. Since folks use Facebook Messenger for quick service, your reps have to know Facebook and live chat extremely nicely. Train your team in three main areas: Facebook Messenger etiquette, company expectations, and technology.

There are five etiquette ideas you and your team ought to comply with when interacting on Facebook Messenger:

  • Begin with introductions. Always introduce yourself and your job title. This humanizes you to the individual on the other end of the conversation. This additionally offers you the chance to ask the individual for their name and email.
  • Be concise. Take a while to consider what you say before you say it. Nobody wants to read a slew of 10 individual messages, one after the other. Write everything you want to say in one message as concisely as possible and hit send. In case you send broken-up thoughts in a number of messages, the individual on the other finish may not know when you’re done explaining what you need to explain.
  • Use correct grammar and punctuation. Whenever you’re chatting, it’s simple to fall into the trap of utilizing shortcuts, such as “lol” or not utilizing correct punctuation. Remember that you’re representing your business.
  • Don’t use slang or idioms. Particularly in case, you have global viewers, ensure to use terms that are universally understood. Avoid jargon to create an inclusive buyer culture.
  • Show empathy. If the individual you’re chatting with is in a tricky situation, allow them to know you care! Apologize when you should and work with them to assist them to resolve their issue.

Along with Facebook Messenger etiquette, ensure you and your reps are aligned in terms of expectations. For example, talk to your team about how long of a wait time is appropriate for individuals who message you—schedule who’s staffing Messenger at what occasions. Decide what reps ought to do once they don’t know the answer. Implement systems so that your representatives know the way to exceed expectations.

And at last, ensure that your reps know methods to use the software and applications. Whether they’re utilizing Facebook, HubSpot, or one other platform, they should be well-versed in the technology to offer your customers the best possible experience.

3. Promote your new platform.

The following step in ensuring you’re getting the most out of your Facebook Messenger strategy is promotion.

Make sure that the individuals who interact with your brand know your business is utilizing a new technique of communication to assist your clients quickly and personally. Promote your new medium by commenting on posts with your Messenger link, which generally looks like ‘m.me/business name.’ You may also select to put in the Messenger on-site plugin. When you’re taking the time to implement a Facebook Messenger strategy, take the time to share your plans.

4. Refine your technique.

Lastly, it’s time to refine your technique.

After you’ve been utilizing Facebook Messenger for a couple of weeks, think about what’s going nicely and what could be improved.

In case you’re not producing the results you had hoped for, think about solving for a different stage within the buyer’s journey. Pull a number of transcripts and analyze what’s being asked. Is the shopper or prospect’s purpose being addressed? If everything seems to be working easily, think about adding a chatbot.

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