How does Facebook Boost Post Button work? (2/2)

How does Facebook Boost Post Button work?

Continue to discover the Facebook Boost Post Button: How to use it and get results…

Find out how to boost a post on Facebook

6. Select your duration and timing. Choose how many days you’d like to boost your post for.

Utilizing the “Run ad on a schedule” toggle, you may resolve to boost your post solely on specific days of the week or particular instances. This may be helpful if when your viewers are most likely to be online.

It’s additionally helpful if you want individuals to call or message you since you possibly can select to solely boost the submit when you may be available to reply.

run ad on a schedule

7. Use the slider to set your budget. That is the total quantity you’ll spend for the duration of the boost. The minimum is $1USD per day.

total budget for duration of boost

8. Select your advert placement and choose your payment method. In case you have set up a Facebook Pixel, use the toggle switch to connect it to your advert for extra detailed analytics.

ad placement on facebook or instagram

9. Check your advert preview and estimated results. Once you’re pleased with what you see, click on Boost Post Now at the bottom of the screen.

ad preview and estimated daily results

That’s it! You’ve got created your Facebook boosted post.

This may look like plenty of steps, however, they’re all very simple and you may tackle all of them from one screen.

The way to edit a boosted post on Facebook

Technically, there aren’t many edits you can make directly to a boosted post on Facebook.

Whereas the post is boosted, you will be unable to edit the text, link, picture, or video. You possibly can solely edit the viewers, budget, duration, and payment method — not the post itself.

Actually, in case you click on the three dots icon you often click to edit a Facebook post, you will see the choice to edit the post is just not there.

It’s definitely the finest practice to proofread your text, double-check your links, and ensure you’re completely pleased with the picture or video before you boost your post.

That stated, errors sometimes happen. Luckily, there’s a workaround to edit a boosted post.

Right here’s how one can do it:

  1. Go to your Facebook Page and discover the post you need to edit.
  2. Beneath the boosted post, click on View Results.
  3. Click on the three dots within the high proper, then click on Delete Ad. This doesn’t really delete the post. It merely cancels the boost. Nevertheless, note that you’ll lose analytics results for the boost so far once you are taking this step.
  4. Return to your Facebook Page, discover the post once more and click on the three dots to edit the post. As soon as you are pleased with the post, you may increase it once more by following the steps described within the previous section.

In some instances, it could be easier to simply delete your post and start over. Nevertheless, if you already have likes, comments, or shares of your boosted post, this technique lets you retain that engagement.

Facebook boosted post tips

Listed below are some methods to take advantage of boosted posts.

Increase a post you’re tagged in

In case you work with influencers or different brand advocates to create branded content, you may need to increase posts they create wherein they point out and tag your brand.

boost post by influencers or brand advocates

Supply: Facebook

To do so, go to your Facebook Page Insights and click on Branded Content to search out eligible posts.

Monitor and refine your results

Click on View Results from any boosted post to get detailed metrics about how the post is performing.

Monitoring your results and evaluating them to the targets for your advert is a vital method to study what works and what doesn’t. Over time, you may refine your increase post technique to get a better return on investment.

Facebook research exhibits that advertisements developed via testing cost less over time.

Increase posts that are already seeing engagement

When a post will get lots of likes and comments, that’s a clue the content resonates along with your current viewers. It’s additionally a signal you are likely to be onto one thing value sharing with a broader crowd.

Boosting a post that’s already acquired likes and comments additionally serves as a type of social proof for your brand. Individuals learning about your brand for the first time may be extra likely to believe your content in the event that they see loads of current engagement from others.

You’ll find out which organic posts are performing finest (and are therefore worthy of a lift) by checking analytics on the Insights tab in your Facebook business web page.

Use Facebook boost post to construct your viewers throughout networks

We’ve already talked about that you could select Instagram as viewers when boosting your Facebook post. You may also select an Instagram post to boost to Facebook.

From your Facebook Page, simply click on Ad Center within the left column, then Create an Ad, then click on Boost an Instagram Post.

boost an Instagram post

Check the preview to ensure you’re pleased with how your Instagram post will look on Facebook.

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