Making Successful Facebook Messenger Ads (2/2)

Last Updated on May 18th, 2020 at 2:16 pm

making Facebook Messenger ads

In the previous part of this series, we went through the first five steps for making successful Facebook Messenger Ads. Keep reading this article to explore three more steps to complete this guide of creating good ads on Facebook.

Step 6. Choose the places where your ad will show up

In this case, it’s fine to allow Facebook to automatically select where your ads will be placed. If you want to reduce the variety of people seeing your ads, you can de-select locations (and devices). However, you can’t add any.

Sponsored messages will be shown automatically in your audiences’ Messenger inboxes, alongside and between their regular messages.

Meanwhile, click-to-Messenger ads can be placed on Instagram and Facebook feeds Facebook marketplace, or on the home screen of Messenger inboxes.

making Facebook Messenger ads

Step 7: Specify your budget and schedule

Here’s where you determine how long your ad will run for, and how much you’re willing to pay over that amount of time.

The amount of money that you will pay depends on the number of impressions that both your sponsor messages and click-to-Messenger ads get. Your maximum bid amount in the Cost Controls section refers to the maximum cost per thousand impressions that you’ll pay. Your cost per result should be lower. (And if it’s not: see Step 9).

Just keep in mind that the narrower your target audience is, the more expensive they are to reach.

  • Step 8: Set up your ad

    Ok, here’s the enjoyable part.

    Greatest practices for writing a sponsored message:

    • Include an image (because the video isn’t supported, yet.)
    • Add a personalization (you can greet your recipient with their first name or full name.)
    • Think up auto-replies that address any quick questions your audience might have.
    • Be sure you have a Facebook Messenger strategy in place to maintain the momentum rolling.

Greatest practices for click-to-Messenger ads:

  • Choose whichever call to action you like (it doesn’t need to be Send Message, it might be Contact Us, Learn More, and so on.).
  • Include an image, or better yet, a video.
  • Preview your ad across all placements, including Instagram, to ensure it looks wonderful on every device.
  • Set expectations: make it clear that clicking on the advert will deliver you to Messenger.

click-to-messenger ad for "Coop's Bain Magique"

1. LEGO gift guide

In 2018, LEGO used click-to-Messenger adverts that include short videos to drive awareness for their gift-recommending chatbot, Ralph.

lego facebook messenger ad
Source: Facebook

LEGO discovered that these click-to-Messenger adverts drove 3.4 times as much ROI on advert spend, in comparison with adverts that linked directly to the LEGO website.

As well, adverts that clicked-through to Messenger were 71% cheaper than these optimized for clicks in general. Finally, customers who purchased the adverts spent almost twice as much on the website.

The takeaway: Follow through on your adverts. It’s better to deeply understand Facebook Messenger strategy, such as Facebook Messenger chatbot to convert your audiences into customers then increase your sales.

2. Absolut Vodka giveaway

Absolut achieved 4.7 times more sales with their Messenger campaign, which provided free drinks (and rides home) to their target audience.

Source: Facebook

Instead of mobile web experience, using Messenger can help you triple the speed of redemption times. The brand’s Bartender bot (which located a participating bar and also provided a Lyft coupon home) earned a 36% engagement rate.

The takeaway: The field is still wide open as far as what brands can imagine doing with Messenger. Inviting your audience into a unique, rewarding private ecosystem makes numerous sense. And not only for brands who make spending money feel like a luxury, however for all brands who need to create a personal connection with their audiences.

3. Love Your Melon product announcement

The knitted-cap brand used sponsored messages to announce its new line of un-knitted caps.

making Facebook Messenger ads
Source: Facebook

By reaching out exclusively to individuals who’d been in touch via Facebook Messenger already, Love Your Melon earned 14 times their advert spend. They also received a 19% click-through rate to their website, at $0.15 cost per click.

The takeaway: Sponsored messages give your brand access to a low-noise environment. It’s like a living room, not a mall.

However keep in mind that your Facebook Messenger ads might be competing with your audience’s mom, greatest friend, and latest Tinder dates. So make sure that you’re offering something individuals need to find out about, or risk getting blocked.


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