7 Tips for Selling on Instagram (1/2)

Selling on Instagram

Instagram has emerged as a social commerce platform and has become a lot more than just a social community. With a large user base of over 1 billion monthly users, it is a vital platform for manufacturers and entrepreneurs.

And, the visual nature of the platform makes it excellent for displaying product photos making it a virtual shop. This is one of the reasons why Instagram is a social media platform of selection for sellers.

Nevertheless, it isn’t a small feat to set up an Instagram shop and begin selling. It might take a long time so that you can gain enough visibility on the platform to even get the specified traffic. There are particular issues that you want to pay attention to before you begin selling on Instagram. That is where we may help you.

In this post, we have listed seven tips that may assist you to sell on Instagram the right way. So, read on and discover out some of the greatest ideas for becoming a successful Instagram seller.

1. Optimise Your Profile

Every retailer knows the importance of getting a great brand image and its effect on sales. If customers have a positive brand picture for your brand, they’ll be more likely to purchase from you.

Relating to Instagram selling, your brand’s first impression is formed by your profile. People can reach your profile from different sources, because of your lead generation efforts. And, regardless of how they got there, they’ll look at your profile to judge whether they want to purchase from you or not.

So, it is important to optimize your Instagram profile to make a great first impression and drive leads via the Instagram sales funnel.

Listed below are a few tips on optimizing your Instagram profile.

  • Have a clear and crisp bio with particulars about the kind of your business you have and why your brand is exclusive.
  • Tell your brand’s story to form a connection with your potential clients.
  • Always provide your contact particulars and a link to your website in your bio.
  • Use a profile image, preferably your brand logo, that makes it easy to identify your brand.
  • Have a consistent aesthetic relating to your Instagram feed as that makes your brand stand out.
  • Mention any brand or campaign-related hashtags in your bio.

Right here’s an instance of a great Instagram bio.

Image Supply: Instagram

2. Use Instagram’s Shoppable Posts

In case you intend to sell on Instagram, the key factor that you need to do is use shoppable posts and set up an Instagram shop. Instagram permits you to create posts where you may place clickable links on the products displayed within the image. When a consumer clicks on these links they can be redirected directly to a page in your website from where they will purchase the product.

You can also integrate Instagram with e-commerce apps like Shopify to create an in-app store. This way you can show your products as you do on your website and allow people to make a purchase directly from Instagram.

Shopify’s shoppable Instagram gallery plugin is a simple way for Instagram sellers to make a sale directly from Instagram. And, the better it’s to make a purchase, the more likely it’s that people will end up making one.

3. Add CTAs to Your Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories presents another great alternative so that you can sell your products from Instagram. All you should do is add product links, together with CTAs to your Stories to make them shoppable.

Instagram Stories are an engaging content format that has considerably grown in reputation. There are over 500 million people who use Instagram Stories on a daily basis. This clearly represents an enormous alternative for Instagram sellers to utilize this avenue to extend their sales.

That is similar to shoppable posts and you simply want to add a product link to your Stories. Nevertheless, the one catch is that Instagram permits this function only for accounts with more than 10,000 followers.

One other advantage of selling via Stories is that it’s easier to seize viewers’ attention with them. Your posts may not present right at the top of all your followers’ feeds, however, Stories seem one after one other, and most people end up watching all of the Stories shown on their feeds.

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