Start Your Travel Blog on Instagram to Get Paid, Why Not?

travel blog on Instagram

You dreamt about going around the world when you were a little kid. In another word, travel has been your biggest passion since early childhood. Now, it seems like you lost your hope to earn money for doing what you love. Stop! You totally can make money from your passion, let’s start your travel blog on Instagram.

But first, be noticed that it’s quite hard to stand out of the crowd and get into the top of Instagram travels’ accounts. This Instagram niche is extremely competitive, so newbies usually end up their travel blog career with just a few followers.

Don’t worry! It’s still possible to get famous in this niche. Let’s follow these guides to build a successful Instagram travel blog!

Should it really be the Instagram account?

The answer is YES.

The whole concept of sharing your traveling experience fits amazingly the format of Instagram posts, as soon as Instagram is all about aesthetics and visual content. Beautiful places with interesting local people enclosed in a single photo may describe the world more than an hour-long video in which people tell you about their experience. You can make use of your amazing imagination while seeing wonderful pictures.

Travel pictures created for instagram

Let’s compare it with other social media like Facebook or YouTube. It requires constant attention to the statistic and tons of efforts of creating long and qualitative videos or text posts. Of course, in case you are a traveler, it’s difficult for you to bring lists of equipment during your journeys. Hence, Instagram is the best and simple way for you to get famous as a travel blogger, even though you don’t travel too much.

Ordinary account or business account?

Of course Business account. An Instagram business account allows the creators to use tools to take advantage of marketing strategy and Instagram promotion. A personal account is better for your close friends and family to follow you, but keep in mind that we’re playing for the high stakes. Then, here are some effective instruments that you get with the business account:

Activity analytics

This tool is necessary when you need to measure how good your account runs. It will help you analyze the traffic on your page, show you the number of audiences, likes, comments on the post that you want to track. Here you have a chance to deeply understand your followers. This way you can figure out, which content will attract your audience and start taking photos or write great captions, related to what your followers want to gain more engagement.

Links to the other pages

Another reason why you should switch into a business account is here! We all know the very first thing your followers see when opening your account should be a link to your other social media platforms or your website. You can not customize your page that way with the personal account. Moreover, right when you get your first 10,000 followers, you will be able to add links in your stories.

And you also can give a request to Instagram to get a blue badge next to your username which helps to get more trust and engagement on Instagram.

Steps to create a successful travel blog on Instagram

It’s the right time to customize your business account with all the great features Instagram offers.

Let’s jump into these practical methods of making the compelling content on your page to attract people and encourage them to follow you.

Step 1. Bio

We’ve known that your Instagram bio is the first thing that catches visitor’s eyes and keeps them on your page. It shows your brand’s identity as a label of your profile, so let’s make it unique and personalized. We recommend you with some small details, feel free to add something else if you want.

Look for inspiration
  • Name and login. If you’ve already had a name for your page, then the login won’t be a problem. One easy way is to put the name in without spaces and add some special numbers or symbols. Your username should be easily searchable, catchy, and simple at the same time. For example Tom_thetraveller.
  • Profile picture. You should use a photo which contains your actual face, or another way to let people know who they’re interacting with. Yes, you’re the traveler, but you’re the influential person in the first place. Choose the picture, where your job seems evident and show your identity.
  • Bio. The number of symbols on your bio is limited, so it should include the necessary minimum information. For example, you should add your name, age, and profession (travel blogger, in this case). Another good idea would be to pin the next destination that you will visit to show some sort of interactivity for your followers.

Step 2. Feed

This is the most challenging part of the journey to becoming a blogger – content. Here are some amazing tips that make your images remarkable and qualitative to outstand the numerous photos of the other creators.

travel blog on Instagram
  • Image quality. Instagram is all about visuals. So, bloggers need to follow the rules of the platform and just share the pictures of the excellent quality. A travel blogger needs to choose suitable equipment to take good shots. There’s no need to take pictures on such an expensive camera, a good smartphone will do a great job for you, too.
  • Editing. Keep in mind that filters can be both saviors and destroyers of your photos. Start your Instagram career from learning how to edit photos and find for yourself an editing photo style.Learn more here!
  • Color spectrum. This is the advanced option for those who’ve already tested the capacity of Instagram. The task is to create a personalized theme for your account. When opening your profile, the visitor has to see a certain tendency in photo editing, the style, which will distinguish your photos from the others in the feed. Create an aesthetic for your feed that attracts people and showcase your identity.
  • Content. Your followers wish to see the wonders and curiosities, so you have to be their guide in the world of adventures. Don’t share every single place you saw in the town you’re visiting. Carefully choose what to publish, create your publication scheme, think ahead, and offbeat. Don’t follow the trends – create them. Shoot everything interesting, but share only those photos, which bring out emotions or thoughts.
  • Captions. This is the part of posting, which you should never underestimate. The text under the photo has to continue the mood of the shot or the thought expressed there. It’s also where you tell your compelling stories and touch followers’ souls. Take this part very seriously and think twice before publishing the caption.
travel blog on Instagram


And, finally – always move forward. Experiment, challenge yourself and try everything new both in traveling and blogging.

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