5 Easy Steps to Create a YouTube Channel

steps to create YouTube channel

Fun fact: YouTube is the second-most visited website in the world behind Google – its parent company.

Fun suggestion: Your brand should appear there.

The chance to engage with your audience on YouTube is huge. It’s the most popular social platform among U.S. adults, and nearly 75% of Americans use the social video website, in comparison with the 69% who use Facebook.

More than half of those users go to YouTube every single day. Wouldn’t it be good if they took a look at your content while they were there?

Fortunately, it’s not difficult to get some steps to create a YouTube channel. Creating a successful YouTube channel is a bit more work… however don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there, too.

5 easy steps to create a new YouTube channel

Making a successful YouTube channel begins with steps to create a YouTube channel. Here’s how to build your account.

Step 1: Create a Google account

If you use Gmail, Google Maps, or Google Play, you probably already have your own Google account… so go ahead to the second step.

If you have not had a Google account, read on here to sign up for a new Google account.

create Google account page

The name and email address won’t be publicly linked to your brand, so don’t worry about keeping those on message. It is the key for you to get in the YouTube door.

Step 2: Create a YouTube account

Together with your Google account, you’re automatically set up with a personal YouTube account. However, to use YouTube for your business, you’ll need to set up a Brand Account.

Just go to your YouTube account page, click Create a Channel, and then write down a name for your Brand Account. You’re in!

Whenever you create a YouTube Brand Account, you can give many people admin access and customize the name and appearance to match your brand.

Another cool thing about Brand Accounts: they let you access YouTube Analytics, which provides tremendous helpful insight about who’s watching your videos and what content is popular.

YouTube account page create a channel

create a Brand Account

Step 3: Customize your YouTube channel

It’s time to make this brand new social media profile your own.

In your channel dashboard, click Customize channel. Go through the three tabs — LayoutBranding, and Basic Data — to enter information that will help optimize your channel for audience discovery.

channel customization layout branding and basic info - create a YouTube channel

When filling out this information, use descriptive keywords that will help your account appear in searches.

Keywords can include your channel’s subjects, your business, questions your content can answer, or products featured.

Under Branding, you can add your channel art and icons to give your channel such a unique look. One that, ideally, aligns with your general brand and visually connects this YouTube account with your other social media platforms and web presence.

branding profile picture and banner image - create a YouTube channel

Step 4: Upload your first YouTube video

Well, this is exciting. You’re on the cusp of becoming a content creator on YouTube! I’m not crying, you’re crying.

To publish your first video and put it out into the world, click the Create button in the top-right corner and follow the instructions.

upload YouTube video create a YouTube channel

Step 5: Make your YouTube channel discoverable

Just like the old saying goes: If you have amazing content on YouTube however no one sees it… what’s the point?

To get views and subscribers, you’ll need to optimize your channel and videos for discovery. We’ve had a complete guide to promoting your YouTube channel if you want to jump into it. In the meantime, here’s the 30-second rundown:

Optimize video titles

Use concise, descriptive titles that include Google-friendly keywords. Titles are the very first thing users see, however they also help the search engine understand what your videos are about. Ensure that all your titles are punchy and intriguing, but also clear and include keywords.

Optimize your YouTube description

It’s essential to be clear, concise, and descriptive here, too. Ensure to front-load the keywords and add links to other playlists.

Another good trick to make use of in video descriptions? Create a table of content with timestamps to help viewers easily find what they’re looking for.

For more specific tips, check out this complete guide to writing a winning YouTube description.

Add tags (in moderation)

While it can be tempting to load up this section with clickbaity tags, ensure to only include tags that are related to your content. Be honest, and choose quality over quantity. The goal is to approach targeted viewers who are actually interested in content like yours.

Tags also let YouTube’s algorithm understand what your content is about. Ensure to add a category or two to help the search engine show your videos in front of the right audience.


Add a link to your YouTube channel on your other social profiles, website, and email signature to let your fans know you’re starting a video empire.

Understand the algorithm

If you haven’t already, now is the time to get familiar with the YouTube algorithm. This AI determines not just search results, but recommendations for the all-important “what’s up next” sidebar, too.

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