What The New Facebook Pages Experience Is And How It Works

New Facebook Pages Experience

Are you curious to learn more about how businesses and organizations use their Facebook Pages? In this post, we’ll explore what the new Facebook Page experience is all about. We’ll talk through the key features on offer, and discuss why it’s important for organizations to use these changes. In addition, we also and provide some practical tips to help you get started with your page. So read on to find out how the new Facebook Pages experience can benefit your business and organization!

What’s New?

In February 2021, Facebook injected fresh life into business pages with their innovative redesign. Dubbed the ‘new Pages experience’. This revamp gave users an intuitive and engaging way to access and manage content on businesses’ online profiles. For example, the @PlannerPerfect page introduces customers to the company in short order, showcasing shoppable items in Featured sections, and allowing for followers rather than likes which adds more connection potential.

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Key Features Of New Facebook Pages Experience:

What The New Facebook Pages Experience Is And How It Work

The key features of the new Pages experience are:

1) Classic Page Layout

A classic page layout helps you quickly and easily share content, like photos, videos, and links. One such feature is the classic page layout, which offers a cleaner look and better user navigation than ever before. Moreover, businesses can quickly and easily showcase their content in an organized way. Furthermore, this feature makes it easier for people to find the information they need quickly and efficiently.

2) Easy To Configure Meta’s Moderation Assist Tool

The tool allows businesses and organizations to manage comments, messages, and reviews in one place. In detail, this tool will help you ensure that all content posted on your page is respectful and appropriate for the platform. Moreover, the feature ensures that users don’t have to hunt around for content or manually monitor conversations. This also makes it easier to monitor conversations and respond quickly if necessary.

3) Updated Page Layout

With the updated Pages experience layout, social media managers can now access more powerful options. This includes a left-hand navigation bar that allows businesses to add custom call-to-actions and display contact. This makes it easier for customers to find the information they need to make informed decisions about working with your company or organization.

4) Instant Responses

Instant responses allow companies and organizations to quickly reply to comments and messages on their pages, effectively managing customer relationships in real-time. This is a great way to build trust with your customers, as they will feel that you are taking the time to respond to them quickly and accurately.

5) Customizable Page Design

The new Pages experience allows businesses and organizations to customize their page designs. This means you can create a look and feel for your business or organization’s page that is unique, attention-grabbing, and tailored to your brand.


The new Pages experience allows businesses and organizations to reimagine their online presence with greater flexibility and control over how they want to interact with customers. Then, with an intuitive design and powerful features, businesses can tap into the potential of Facebook to build strong relationships with their customers. So if you’re looking for a new way to increase engagement on your page, be sure to check out these updates!

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