Facebook Messenger Ads: Powerful Marketing Tool (2/2)

Facebook Messenger Ads: Powerful marketing tool

Continue to read about how to use Facebook Messenger Ads to better your marketing campaigns.

Why run ads on Facebook Messenger? Private messaging on social media is more common than ever these days. Additionally, Messenger advertising is now more important than ever thanks to Facebook’s integration of Instagram’s messaging platform.

This article will show you how to utilize Facebook Messenger ads to reach your targeted audience.

7 best Facebook Messenger ads to motivate you

You’re probably excited and prepared to start interacting with your customers. Take some inspiration from businesses using this format in smart, creative ways before diving into that Ad Manager.


Facebook Messenger Ads: D+AF

The Taiwanese shoe retailer D+AF created an advanced automated Messenger experience.

It developed a chatbot with the ability to respond to questions, send promotions, and make sales.

But not only text messages, customers also receive pictures and videos.

D+AF wished for customers to see Messenger as a channel for commerce rather than just a platform for customer service, though.

It developed an ad campaign with eye-catching visuals and tempting offers. Then with a call-to-action button simply stating “Send Message”, this will direct customer to Messenger to finish the transaction.

They don’t even need to leave Facebook to make a purchase.

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Facebook Messenger Ads: Tiki

A Facebook’s first online reality program called “The Next Face Vietnam” was sponsored by the Vietnamese eCommerce site Tiki.

Tiki shared ads and promoted the show on its Facebook page. However, how did they include Messenger in their campaign?

Tiki, while streaming the show, gave away free vouchers to viewers who commented on the Livestream using branded hashtags.

The brand-specific hashtags would cause Messenger to launch and send the voucher in a private message.

Not only that, but Tiki also made retargeting with click to Messenger ads for audiences to vote for their favorite candidates in upcoming episodes

Voting takes place via Messenger, and viewers would also get a second voucher from Tiki.

DMCI Homes

Facebook Messenger Ads: DMCIHomes

Real estate developer DMCI Homes wanted to connect with customers who were thinking about purchasing a condo or making an investment in real estate.

It chose to run ads that linked to Messenger because its target audience used the app regularly.

After clicking the advertisement, it will direct customers to Messenger where they can ask for more information.

A fully automated chatbot will assist customers and also help to easier determine the qualified leads.

According to the developer’s A/B testing, Messenger and chatbot pairing produced 25% more qualified leads with a 91% lower cost per click. Now that’s advancement!



PalFish wanted parents to easier sign up language classes for their children.

The process was originally conducted through an online form on its website. However, the company decided to experiment with using Messenger for lead generation.

They set up two Messenger ad campaigns.

The first one: Customers will be directed to Messenger’s automated chatbot for parents, which allowed them to ask and instantly receive responses. After that, the chatbot will help users in signing up for a trial class.

The second one: Customers will be directed to a form, which is pre-filled with their profile information. They could register to find out more about PalFish and its classes with only a few simple clicks.

By improving the user experience with Messenger, PalFish witnessed a 5x greater lead conversion rate.

Sky-Dome Hotpot

Facebook Messenger Ads: SkyDomeHotpot

Due to the pandemic restrictions, which have prevented the majority of people from going to restaurants, Sky-Dome Hotpot needed a different way to reach its customers. It made the decision to encourage customers to order delivery or takeaway using Messenger.

The restaurant’s advertising campaign also includes a “Send Message” call to action.

People could explore a visual menu and place an order once they were on Messenger. They could even use the app to pay immediately.

With this smart and innovative strategy, Sky-Dome Hotspot achieved a 10x return on ad investment.



Nikuya developed a video and dynamic ad campaign.

People who clicked on the ads were directed to Messenger and then interacted with a fully digital assistant. Customers could place orders and ask questions.

The knife company also utilized automation technology to reply to comments on its ads, ensuring interaction with all potential leads.



To advertise a new product, ACUVUE Taiwan used all Messenger, livestreaming, and influencer marketing.

Influencers will test the product and discuss its advantages during the livestream. ACUVUE responded to comments made on the live by sending a message via Messenger.

To encourage them to make purchases or visit the store, the business will give commenters vouchers redeemable at participating stores.

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