How to Sell Products with Facebook Shops (2/2)

How to Sell Products with Facebook Shops (2/2)

Continue to find out how to sell products with Facebook Shops…

Adding products to Facebook Shops

That is pretty easy. You possibly can add products to Facebook Shops from both your Business Manager account or Shopify account in case you have one.Creating Product Collections in your Facebook Shop

To create a collection, click on on Collections in your Commerce Manager account and choose Create collection. Get to work, adding the next details:

  • Name: Give your collection a clear and self-explanatory name throughout the available 30 characters including emojis. Attempt to make the name descriptive, so your viewers don’t have to think twice to determine what’s included.
  • Description: Write a description explaining what your assortment options within 200 characters like Sephora does. That is optional, so you possibly can skip it. Nevertheless it helps to offer clients a clear thought of what a collection is about.

Sephora Product Collections

Source: Sephora

  • Cover media: Choose a cover picture (4:3 ratio with 800 x 600 pixel size) showcasing your product(s) as your collection’s cover. Since a great cover media encourages consumers to click on, we recommend you add a visually attractive picture here. Right here’s an inspiring Facebook store instance, Spearmint Baby, utilizing click-worthy cover photos:

Cover media Spearmint Baby Facebook Shop example

Source: Spearmint Baby

While you’re prepared, click on Next and begin adding your products to the collection. Observe that you can add between 6 to 30 products in every collection that you create.

For each product that you add, fill within the following details:

  • Name: Add your product’s name. Again, attempt to make it self-explanatory rather than something fancy. For example, instead of ‘Purple Words’ write ‘Purple Lined Notebook.’
  • Upload an image of the product: Keep in mind, a poor quality picture could be a deal breaker. The best you can do? Ensure all product photographs are top quality and accurately sized (minimum 600 x 600 pixels).
  • Website links: In case you’ve a website, add a link to the product page. However, for those who don’t have one, you don’t need to worry about filling on this detail because it’s optional.

You’ll additionally need to fill in details associated to a current price, sale price if any, inventory availability, shipping, and more.

While you’ve added products to your collection and filled within the details, click on Confirm and hit Publish.

Alternatively, follow this 3-step guidelines to upload products through Shopify. Before you begin, just make sure that your Shopify account is connected to your Facebook Page.

  1. Click on the Products tab in your Shopify store to select the products you want to add.
  2. Next, select Actions. Choose Make products available from the drop down menu.
  3. This can bring up a popup asking where you want to display your products. Choose Facebook and click on Make product available.

There you go! The chosen products will show up in your Facebook Shop.

Want to speed up the process additional? Add collections to your store utilizing Shopify. Just choose Collections in your Shopify dashboard and repeat the steps above.

Your collection will take about 24 hours to be visible to your clients. During this time, Facebook reviews your collection to make sure it complies with its commerce policies.

Facebook shop customization

The magic of customizing your Shop – a.k.a altering your Shop’s style and layout – occurs within the Shop Builder. To open it, go to the Shops tab in your Commerce Manager account.

With shop customization, you can:

  • Choose collections to feature on the top of your Shop. As in real shops, feature your bestsellers right here so you can entice consumers to buy from you.
  • Add, arrange, and remove featured product collections, merchandise and product grids. This offers you another alternative to attract customers by playing with vibrant and eye-catching colours just as Ink Meets Paper does on their Facebook retailer.

Ink Meets Paper Facebook shop customization

Source: Ink Meets Paper

  • Change the text size and color of your Store’s buttons and accents. We propose you use a readable font size and color, so your viewers don’t need to strain to see what’s in store.

Able to style your Facebook Store? Click on Edit. Should you’ve multiple Shops, choose the one you want to customise and click on Fashion. Next, choose any of the choices you want to edit:

  1. Colors: Play with the colour of the buttons and links in your Store.
  2. Text: Change text alignment and size of all the titles.
  3. Buttons: Alter the shape, outline, and color of all the buttons in your Store.

You can always preview the adjustments you make and get a look at your work on Facebook and Instagram in light and dark mode with the Preview choice. Done making the adjustments? Click on Save.

Tip: Stick with your brand colors when customizing your Store. This way, your retailer will reflect your brand persona.

With Shops providing incredible options to enhance your consumers’ shopping experience, it’s worthwhile to set one up. The best half? It doesn’t cost you a dime to get began.

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