Why The Instagram Photo Dump Is Trending Now?

Instagram photo dump

The Instagram photo dump trend has turned out to be a fixture on our feeds – even POTUS has jumped on board!

However what exactly is a photo dump and why is it a user favorite?

We’re diving into what qualifies as a “photo dump”, why it is an engagement driver, and how you can try it, below.

What is an Instagram Photo Dump?

Normally, a photo dump is an Instagram carousel post. However, it is the kind of content within the carousel that qualifies it as a “dump”.

Rather than perfectly edited photos and videos, a photo dump is a low-effort, random collection – up to 10 slides – that conveys a story or mood.

Think a blurry selfie followed by a picture of a half-eaten sandwich, a video at the beach, and a comical meme or GIF.

It’s the details that paint a fuller image, revealing so much more than one single shot.

Why Are Instagram Photo Dumps Trending These Days

It’s no secret that the pandemic significantly impacted our Instagram feeds.

IRL events, concerts, and social gatherings took a back seat; but social media usage continued to soar.

Enter: The photo dump – a relatable technique to convey our lockdown days:

And within the years since, Instagram photo dumps have surged in popularity – the hashtag alone has amassed over 1.2M posts and counting.

They’re an effective way to connect with your audience via authentic imagery rather than the pressures of “picture perfect” filters and hyper-edited content.

Moreover, photo dumps are additionally a super-smart visibility and engagement tactic.

Since each slide will be surfaced in home feeds multiple times – it offers your post many chances to connect with your community.

Making photo dumps a versatile format to gain engagement on the app.

The way to Jump on the Instagram Photo Dump Trend 

You do not have to be an influencer or creator to jump on this trend – it works for brands and businesses too.

The number one rule? Is that there are no rules – this is your opportunity to be a bit more casual and show a different (or more intimate) side of your brand.

This is our simple three-step plan to perfect the art of the photo dump:

#1: Set Your Photo Dump Goals

Begin by deciding your photo dump path.

Do you want to convey a feeling, capture a timeframe, or an occasion? It’s time to define your photo dump purpose.

Before you start what content to use, think about what you want to achieve with your audience via your photo dump post.

#2: Curate Your Photo Dump Content

While your photo dump images can feel like a random choice, it is worth being strategic with the first picture in your carousel post. Kick off your photo dump with an image, GIF, or video that can entice your audience to keep swiping for more.

See how Jacquemus immediately grabs attention by showcasing supermodel (and photo dump connoisseur) Bella Hadid:

From there, it’s greatest to include a variety of content types: pictures, videos, GIFs, and memes.

Jewelry brand Wolf Circus jumped on the trend by sharing a mixture of pictures and videos of staff wearing their favorite accessories:

Use photo dumps to authentically illustrate behind-the-scenes content, share an announcement, or provide a sneak peek.

#3. Craft The Perfect Photo Dump Caption

When you’ve chosen your imagery, choose a caption to match.

Keep in mind, your carousel conveys a story so keep your caption short and sweet to deliver a punchier message.

And just like that, you’ve created your first Instagram photo dump. Connecting with your audience has never been more relatable!

PSA: With some scheduling tools, you’ll be able to plan and prep your carousel posts in advance via desktop or mobile.

You’ll be able to even write a caption, rearrange media, edit, and crop your content.

When you’re pleased with your post, select a date and time, and click on save. Then when it’s time to post, the app will automatically publish your scheduled posts.

Moving away from a solitary grid submission, photo dumps are a superb way to gain visibility and connect with your community.

Whether you’re launching a brand new product or showcasing your team, photo dumps are making authenticity cool on Instagram again.

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