How To Buy Real Instagram Followers

buy real followers on Instagram

Now, it’s time to find out the strategy to buy real Instagram followers that will contribute to your marketing goals.

It’s easy to see that some providers are likely to promise real followers when in reality, they’re just funneling a bunch of fake ones or bots to your account. There are many scammers out there, so you’ve got to be wary where purchasing followers to make sure they’re real & active.

These are some tips you can follow to choose the right providers and avoid being tricked or swindled.

Buy Targeted Followers

The best way to make sure that you’re getting quality followers is to buy from a provider that uses organic growth methods and targeting instructions to gain real followers that are in your industry and would actually be interested in your account.

A trustworthy growth service that sells real followers on Instagram, will ask you to tell these targets upon signing up with them, and will then find you accounts that fall within those targeting ranges. Targets include things like location or following accounts among others.

Another good thing about this is that in case a user was to look at the accounts that are following you, they’ll be accounts that are related to your content and they won’t raise any concerns as being fake accounts. Instead, your credibility will be boosted because there will be accounts that are connected to your market that are following you.

Avoid Cheap Providers

While buying real, active followers will usually be cheaper than running ads on Instagram, buying high-quality followers will be more expensive than buying fake ones or bots.

Go to Google and search “buy cheap Instagram followers”, you will easily find lots of packages as low as $3 or under. Let’s really consider this: if these were real, active followers, why wouldn’t everyone be buying this?

It’s definitely cheap enough, it says they’re providing real followers, so what’s the catch?
The catch is that they’re not. You’ll have to spend a little more to be sure that sure you’re getting the quality you’re looking for.

Work With a Transparent Service

The thing you really want from a growth service is transparency and clear communication. Nothing is worse than thinking you’re going to get one thing, actually getting another, and never get any answers.

This whole idea of buying followers can be pretty sketchy due to the regulations that Instagram has imposed, so you must talk to the service and do your research before committing.

You want to know how they deliver the followers, what’s their basic method, when can you expect results, and what are the main features that you’re getting from the service.

If any of this information is difficult to find or not available, it’s too good to be true, and it’s probably a sham.

Also, if a growth service promises huge numbers of followers, be suspicious. It’s difficult to guarantee a specific number of followers on Instagram when using targets to grow followers because it depends on the targeting instructions and the industry. If a service is promising results in thousands of followers, it’s an empty promise. There’s no way to be sure with this information in advance, so be wary of services that promise numbers.

Check Your Engagement

Remember, the main purpose of gaining Instagram followers is to increase interest and engagement with your brand and your content. If you buy real Instagram followers, you should also see an increase in your engagement alongside your follower growth.

buy real followers on Instagram

Buying real followers on Instagram isn’t just a number, it’s a marketing strategy for long-term success via Instagram. Think that your growth service is an extension of your business and a strategy for your success.

If you don’t see an increase in your engagement at all, contact the provider or check the followers that you’ve seen added. You should find out the reason why your new followers aren’t engaging.

It’s not immediately to say that they’re fake accounts. You may need to adjust your content or captions for better engagement. However, you should still take a look just to be sure before you start altering your content.


It’s clear to see that fake accounts do absolutely nothing for your Instagram account. And that they’re ultimately an investment that you’ll only see a loss on.

Growing real followers on Instagram yourself is extremely costly both in time and potentially in ad campaign money. So, for some people, it may simply not be feasible.

Keep your purposes in mind– why do you want a bigger Instagram following? What followers do you want following your account? Create those targets and look for a provider that can provide you with real organic followers, like Build my plays. Don’t buy into the cheap follower service and the shady promises.

When you have someone helping you with your organic Instagram growth and you buy real Instagram followers, you can spend your time on important parts of your Instagram, like content creation and engagement techniques. Make sure you purchase legit followers so that you don’t get banned.

Keep in mind that growing your follower count is only one piece of the puzzle. The more you improve your Instagram content and build brand awareness, the better your growth plan will work. And then the more real followers you will gain over time naturally.

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