Top Facebook Updates You Need to Know in 2020 (2/3)

Last Updated on August 31st, 2020 at 11:08 am

Top Facebook Updates You Need to Know in 2020

Continue to discover the top Facebook updates you need to know in 2020…

May 2020 Facebook updates

Facebook launches mobile-friendly native shops

This might not be the first swing Facebook has made at in-platform shopping, however, Facebook Shops is certainly the best yet.

Like previous iterations, you possibly can upload product photos and descriptions into your digital boutique. However, now users can convert and checkout right within the app.

With Facebook Shops, you’ll have the ability to chat with clients via WhatsApp, Messenger, or Instagram Direct messaging to supply support or private shopping guidance.

Plus, businesses can customize the look of e-shops with on-brand fonts and colors. Fancy!

Top Facebook Updates 2020

Source: Facebook

Group chat app “CatchUp” launches for group calls

In a time where staying connected is tougher than ever, CatchUp goals to assist bridge the distance. Consider it as a voice-only version of Messenger Rooms, facilitating one-on-one or group calls up to eight individuals.

Not like other group chat apps, CatchUp flags when customers are available and “Ready to Talk” (just like HouseParty). It’s an attempt to overcome individuals’ key hesitation with the old-fashioned phone call: you don’t need to interrupt.

Facebook might be testing the app within the U.S. for a limited time. We’ll have to see if it sticks around.

Facebook ChatUp voice-only version of Messenger Rooms

Source: Facebook

April 2020 Facebook updates

Ads Manager status tool launched to track outages

With the addition of a new ads status page, advert consumers can track if the platform itself is experiencing any issues.

Right here, any major adjustments to the key tracking metrics shall be reported as nicely (from impressions to quantity spent to reach) so you could be within the loop about every little tweak.

Top Facebook Updates 2020

Source: Facebook

The advert reporting tool gets an update, too

Facebook introduced updates to quite a lot of ad reporting tools—all the better for manufacturers to measure campaign efficiency.

Access cross-account reporting, customized metrics, and conversion paths to see simply how your campaign is doing in graphic detail like never before.

Facebook ad reporting tool update

Source: Facebook

Messenger comes to the desktop

If chatting within the browser or mobile app aren’t convenient choices for you, the new Facebook Messenger desktop app will permit for group chats and videos proper in your computer desktop—no Facebook account is even required.

Download it here.

Top Facebook Updates 2020

Source: Facebook

“Quiet Mode” launched

The recent rollout of Quiet Mode on each browser and mobile permits the choice to silence all notifications in one fell swoop, just like iOS’s “Do Not Disturb” functionality.

Hold the dings and pings to a minimum so you possibly can actually get some work done.

Improved accessibility for live streaming

Whereas video live streams have certainly been widespread on Facebook, the real-time broadcasting format did create a barrier for entry to those that rely on screen readers or have an auditory disability.

To combat this problem, Facebook introduced the release of a new audio-only live mode with the choice of automatic captioned.

Automatic captions aren’t always excellent. However, it’s better than nothing and hopefully will enable hearing-impaired users to comply with along with your content.

March 2020 Facebook updates

New Facebook rolls out worldwide

Whereas the new Facebook redesign—the fifth main one within the platform’s history—rolled out to mobile customers in late 2019, we’re finally getting an opportunity to see it on desktops this month.

There are huge aesthetic adjustments here: the modern layout is a cleaner, more minimalist design, and options the ability to modify between all-white and dark mode.

The interface gets a makeover with this redesign as nicely, favoring actions from Groups and Events over News Feed content. The Groups Tab has additionally been redesigned to make it simpler to seek out new groups to join.

Further options will benefit specific communities: a new Chat choice for gaming groups, for instance, or improved interactions with Facebook Live.

To get the New Facebook design on your desktop, just choose “Switch to New Facebook” from the Settings drop-down menu. And in case you don’t have already got it on mobile, just update your app.

Top Facebook Updates 2020

Source: Facebook

COVID-19 delays advert review

An announcement this month from Facebook revealed that decreased staffing and adjustments to the moderation process might create errors or delays within the review process for advertisements.

The platform additionally has banned any promoting or e-commerce product posts that attempt to use fear of the virus to drive gross sales. No magic cures for sale here.

Along with discouraging advert campaigns, Facebook is also testing out instruments to cut back the spread of misinformation about COVID-19 on WhatsApp and Messenger. If a rumor about a miracle drug pops up in your chat, you’ll even be prompted to fact-check and ensure your sources.

New “Mood” frames come to Facebook Stories

Rep these feelings with the new Mood feature on Facebook Stories, which harnesses the ability of GIFs for self-expression.

Change the frame and background color to additional personalize what Michelle eating her body weight in spaghetti on Full House actually means to you.

Facebook Stories Mood frames feature

Source: Facebook app screenshot

Express yourself with customized avatar stickers

Following within the footsteps of their Bitmoji forefathers, Facebook is now introducing personalized humanoid stickers for use in comments, Messenger, Stories, and posts.

Choices to customize hairstyles, outfits, skin tones, and accessories supply a variety of representation, from headscarf to side-buzz.

Right here’s the way to make yours on the Facebook mobile app:

  • Tap the three-line menu
  • Scroll down and choose “See More”
  • Select “Avatar” and follow the prompts

Facebook customized avatar stickers

Source: Facebook app screenshot

Convert images into 3D photos

Any 2D image could be transformed into a 3D masterpiece with Facebook’s latest photo tool. The technology simulates depth inside a regular photograph to permit customers to “tilt,” very similar to a 360-degree picture.

It’s a possibility to make a boring old product picture pop, and grab attention on the newsfeed—no 3D glasses required!

Facebook 3D images photo tool

Source: Facebook

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