Facebook Marketing in 2020: How to Use Facebook for Business (1/4)

Last Updated on September 21st, 2020 at 5:41 pm

Facebook Marketing in 2020: How to Use Facebook for Business (1/2)

We probably don’t need to let you know that mastering Facebook business marketing is a must for any model that hopes to succeed in 2020.

You already know that Facebook has an enormous audience. A whopping 2.4 billion folks use it every month.

However, perhaps you didn’t know the way typically individuals are utilizing Facebook to interact with businesses of all sizes. For instance, two-thirds of Facebook users say they visit a local business Facebook Page at least once a week.

Potential prospects are already looking for businesses like yours on Facebook. A clear, targeted Facebook marketing technique is the only method to tap into this existing audience. Because Facebook puts it, your Business Page is “a cornerstone of [your] online identity.”

Here are our greatest Facebook marketing tips for the year ahead.

Step-by-step guide to setting up Facebook for business

It is free to set up a Facebook Page. When you’ve created your Page, you may also use it to post content material, link to your website, and communicate with fans and followers without cost.

That makes a Facebook Page an incredibly valuable tool for any marketer working with a limited budget.

You additionally need to create a Facebook Business Page before you can begin utilizing paid marketing methods on Facebook, together with Facebook adverts. So, the first step of mastering methods to use Facebook for business is getting ready for your Facebook Page.

Right here’s how:

1. Create your Facebook Business Page

  • Head to facebook.com/pages/create. It’s essential to be logged into a Facebook personal account to get began, however, your personal info won’t appear on your new business page.
  • Select your page type: Business/brand or Community/public figure
  • Enter your business details.

2. Add brand photos

Add your profile and cover images. Make certain to use the optimum image sizes for Facebook so they look their finest.

3. Complete your Page information

Click on Edit Page Info and fill within the following sections:

  • Description: 255 characters to describe who you’re and what you do.
  • Contact info: Fill in all the methods you want folks to be able to attain you (together with your website).
  • Extra options: If it’s related to your business, add your working hours, price range, and privacy policy.

4. Create your Facebook username (aka your vanity URL)

Your username helps folks discover you on Facebook. Click on Create Page @Username to make one. It can be up to 50 characters lengthy.

Facebook marketing ideas for your vanity URL:

  • Select a search-friendly Page name. Normally, this will be your model name.
  • In case possible, use a consistent username across social networks.

5. Add a call-to-action button

A call-to-action button provides folks a fast and simple method to reach out to you, shop for your products, or in any other case engage with your business. Click on Add a Button under your cover picture to set one up.

6. Review your Facebook Page settings

Your Facebook Page settings give you customized control over who sees what on your page. Take a look to ensure you understand the privacy and security settings particularly.

That’s it! Your Facebook Page is set up and ready to go now.

In case you’d like a little more assist getting via the set-up process, we’ve got you covered. Check out our full post on methods to create a Facebook Page for business.

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