Instagram Hashtag Analytics: You may not know (2/2)

track hashtags on Instagram

Keep reading to know the benefits of using Instagram hashtags and how to track hashtags on Instagram by using Instagram hashtag analytics.

2. Hashtags Can Help You Select the Best Content to Create and Share

By looking closely at your hashtag analytics, you will gain an excellent guide to which hashtags resonate with your audience, and which are of little interest to them. Take a good look at your analytics and make a point of sharing more posts using your more popular hashtags.

For instance, a bakery might notice from its hashtag analytics that there is good engagement around hashtags featuring the word cookies, but little around bread. The business would then know to make more posts featuring images of cookies and less showing bread.

3. Hashtags Can Help You Optimize Your Instagram Strategy

You can use hashtags to introduce your brand to new people in an area in which you may want to focus. You can select suitable hashtags for your posts, to help you meet your goal.

For instance, if you were about to introduce a vegan item to your product range, you could make posts including the #vegan hashtag (and other related hashtags such as #veganfood). Any vegan consumers scrolling through Instagram posts using that tag will come across your post, and hopefully, take a closer look at your offerings.

Of course, this practice won’t always work. You might find, for instance, that people don’t look at the #veganfood hashtag, and you have few people following through to your posts. In that case, your hashtag analytics tell you that it is time to move onto a different hashtag for future posts.

Be aware that some hashtags are overused. These can have a double effect. Firstly, they may be hashtags that are of little real interest to your possible customers. You may use them, but the people you would like to follow you may not be searching for that term. Alternatively, they may be popular hashtags, but so many people and brands use the tags, that your post may quickly become lost in a high volume of posts.

How to Track Hashtags on Instagram?

If you have a business (or creator) Instagram account, you will also have access to Instagram Insights. You can gain insights on any post by tapping the “View Insights” button beneath it. If you swipe up, you will find much data about that post. One of the stats Instagram provides is Impressions. One of the stats listed beneath that term is your impression from hashtags. This tells you how many people came to your post from hashtags. Unfortunately, Instagram only gives you aggregated hashtag data on your posts, and you will have to use one of the Instagram hashtag analytics tools if you want more details to track hashtags on Instagram.

track hashtags on Instagram

Instagram Insights

What Hashtag Research Should You Do Before Starting a New Campaign?

If you are a business using Instagram, you should continually be experimenting to see what gels with your audience. You will also want to experiment to determine which hashtags work for you and which fall flat. Don’t expect every hashtag you use to be a resounding success.

You want to use hashtags that appeal to your target demographic, not just ones that are popular overall.

You will want to gradually build up a long list of relevant hashtags for your niche. From this, you might put together a shortlist of hashtags on which to focus. Take each of these hashtags in turn, and see how many times Instagrammers have used them. You will usually focus on the more popular hashtags first, although remember there is little point concentrating on general hashtags that are irrelevant to your target audience.

You should create one or more branded hashtags, adding them to your bio and other marketing materials. Publicize them in the same way you do your logo.

The key to successful hashtag use is to be strategic with them. Tie them in with your marketing goals, and don’t just treat them as something random to include in your posts.

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