Instagram Aesthetic Trends 2021: Create Instagram Trending Visuals In Minutes

create Instagram trending visuals

When it comes to building your business on Instagram, it’s necessary for all brands to create Instagram trending visuals.

If you haven’t arranged a business profile on Instagram already, it’s time to begin. Instagram has over a billion monthly users, with millions of people going to visit the app every day. After Facebook, it has become the biggest and most engaging social platform.

When you use Instagram for business purposes, ensure you give primary attention to aesthetics. Creating engaging designs and grid layouts is necessary for all brands to build a successful Instagram profile. Let’s take a look at one specimen of the layout grid by ContentStudio.

ContentStudio Instagram grid


How To Create Instagram Trending Visuals this year?

Before we discuss the trending Instagram designs, here’s how to use trendy graphic design services to quickly produce impactful content.

#1. Use consistent Instagram designs

You’ll be able to play with contrast, warmth, saturation, and different settings in your designs. However, constantly switching themes and layouts makes your audiences confused.

Imagine if Pepsi suddenly changed their color theme from blue and red to red and yellow. It will lead to many outrageous comments from disappointed customers used to the brand’s standard colors.

Keep your Instagram content consistent, particularly when it comes to graphic design. Maintaining fashion guidelines could be challenging and time-consuming, especially when you need to make several posts per day.

#2. Make use of online templates to simplify regular communication

Decreasing or increasing your quantity and frequency of posts can be detrimental. People might forget about your brand if you publish very little content, or they will feel annoyed if you post too much. You don’t want people to unfollow you after all your hard work.

Regular Instagram communication is like hitting the gym. If you want to gain some muscles – you need to exercise several times per week.

There are many online sites that allow you to customize your own content templates for social media platforms. Crello is one of them. With over 50,000 strikingly designed templates for all types of content, by Crello, you won’t need to sweat to DIY a couple of fresh Instagram designs in no time.

#3. You should use stock photos to create visually rich content

The days of single-image posts are long gone, as followers are hungry for a lot of pictures of their favorite things. At the moment, you don’t need to worry about taking hundreds of photos for your Instagram carousels. Crello has over 200 million royalty-free stock files at hand, so you’ll be able to quickly find a dozen visuals for carousels. You can also file high-quality image on

#4. You don’t need to be a director to provide cool, short videos

Videos are essential for any small business. And in a hurried world these days, short-form video content that is 4-30 second length will continue to explode in 2021. Thanks to the rise of Reels and Stories on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and others.

Ensure to catch your audience’s eyes within the first to seconds of your video. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Go to Crello and choose the Instagram Video Story format. Carefully choose from tons of available Full HD stock video clips and animations. Then, make your video “readable” by adding text overlays, and making it sharable as well.

Text over image: Instagram post - create Instagram trending visuals
2021 Instagram Trending Visuals 

Now that you understand how simple designing for Instagram is, let’s discuss the themes that are going to be most relevant this year.

At the moment, many people use Instagram to find new products. It has evolved from purely social media to an e-commerce platform. And the pandemic fueled this trend, making many brands go online.

The ability to sell products directly via images made Instagram and Facebook ideal selling platforms as a result of users no longer having to be redirected to a website. And this actual fact makes aesthetics a vital part of Instagram marketing.

Here are some trending design templates in 2021 that you can get inspirations:

1. Food & Restaurants

Instagram post of a Diet Plan on Sale
2. Children’ products

Kid's products on Instagram - create Instagram trending visuals

Kid's products on Instagram

3. Pandemic

Pandemic Instagram Posts - create Instagram trending visuals
4. Minimalist text templates

Minimalist Instagram Post with text

5. Interface templates

Crello Templates - create Instagram trending visuals
Colors that drive sales in 2021

Most customer decisions in regards to your product or service will be made based on color alone. Choosing the best color palette for your visual communication plays a key role.

In 2021, pleasant and calming pastel shades of major colors (reds, blues, and yellows) became a dominant trend in design.

Pastel color splash - create Instagram trending visuals

Design your way to success on Instagram!

Instagram is, without doubt, one of the best platforms, and in order to boost engagement and build a large customer base, you need beautiful visual content.
Luckily, you don’t have to be a professional designer to create eye-catching visual content for your brand. Anyone can create studio-level Instagram posts, stories, or videos online in minutes. All without a big price tag attached to it.

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