Get to Know Everything About Instagram Guides in 2023

Last Updated on December 29th, 2022 at 10:03 pm

Get to Know Everything About Instagram Guides in 2023

Instagram Guides is the ideal tool for sharing helpful content with your audience. They provide users with an easy way of consuming a post, product, or location in an easy-to-digest format. This underused Instagram feature is a fantastic opportunity to distinguish your business from others on Instagram.

What is Instagram Guide?

Get to Know Everything About Instagram Guides in 2023

Instagram Guides resemble a little blog right on Instagram. Gift guides, product features, content roundups, FAQs, travel advice, restaurant reviews, and many other things can be curated using them.

Because you can gather feed posts, items, or locations from all around Instagram and combine them with your commentary, Instagram Guide is really a special feature. Additionally, it also has its own place: the Instagram Guides tab.

Want to know just the basic thing about Instagram Guides? Let’s take a look at this article!

Get to Know Everything About Instagram Guides in 2023

How to Create an Instagram Guide?

Tap the plus icon on the top right of your profile page and choose “Guide”. Then, choose the posts you want to include in your guide and the type of guide you want to make.

Get to Know Everything About Instagram Guides in 2023

Guides that have been published are not shared with your main profile feed (yet). They are instead placed on your profile’s Guides tab.

Types of Instagram Guides

Product Guides

For new product announcements, product recommendations, or gift guides, this guide is ideal. You can link any product available on Instagram into this.

Place Guides

A collection of destinations is the basic format for an Instagram guide. This information is excellent for providing city guides, restaurant reviews, and travel advice. You can browse through Instagram’s library of locations or pick one that you’ve previously tagged or saved in posts in your feed. After that, you can choose an image that has been tagged with that place to include in your Guide.

Post Guides

three examples of instagram post guides

The next type of Instagram Guide is a collection of Instagram feed posts.

Even if you weren’t the post’s original author, you can still collect all of them. Post guides are excellent for compiling lists of resources, whether you’re sharing knowledge-based content or analyzing the latest news or events.

Tips to Utilize Instagram Guides

Are you ready to create the best Guides for your brand? Here are four things to keep in mind:

Share Guides on Stories

You might want to give Instagram Guides more attention on Instagram Stories since they aren’t shared on a user’s main profile feed. Open your Instagram Guide and tap the paper airplane icon in the bottom left to share them. Select “Add guide to your story” after that.

Consider what interest your audience

Consider the kind of content that your audience interacts with the most, then make the best use of your Guides. Ask your audience if you’re unsure. You can do this by using an Instagram Stories question or poll sticker.

Giving credit to your Community

If you promote a brand, this is a fantastic way to showcase your goods. Consider publishing a guide that features images of people wearing or appreciating your products.


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