Instagram Stories Hacks You Might Not Know!

Instagram stories hacks

Ready to explore some hot new Instagram hacks to your online marketing strategy? These Instagram stories hacks will help you work smarter, not harder, and effectively grow your Instagram account.

Instagram Stories Hacks

With over 500M daily users watching Instagram Stories, they’re a fun and effective method to engage your audience.

Here are the perfect Instagram Stories hacks:

#1: Add Images into Instagram Stories from Your Camera Roll

This easy Instagram stories hack allows you to add more than one picture to your stories.

To do this, follow these steps. First, go into the Instagram Stories stickers tray and choose the image circle.

Next, select a photo from your camera roll. You can change the image size and place it wherever you’d like in your story frame. And, when you tap the frame, you’ll be able to change the image frame style:

Instagram stories hacks

TIP: When you don’t have the picture sticker yet, try copying and pasting a picture from your camera roll. Remember that this copy and paste tip is only available for iOS users.

#2: Adjust Your Instagram Stories Background to a Solid Background

Whenever you repost something onto your story, you can adjust the background to a solid color.

To change your Instagram Stories background to a solid color, choose a color from the color tray, and hold your finger on the display screen for 1-3 seconds.

After you hold the screen, the background of this story will fill with the chosen color.

The screen may have a strong coloration fill for those who use the marker or neon brush, and a translucent coloration fills for those who use the chisel-tip brush.

If you add a photo or video from your camera roll and follow those steps above, there will be a color layer on top of your photo or video:

Instagram stories hacks

TIP: Then you can use the eraser tool to create a “scratch card” effect to reveal a part of your picture or video.

#3: Use an Image as Your Instagram Story Background

Whenever you share your feed post to your stories, you can even add a picture from your camera roll in it!

If you want to add a picture to your Instagram Stories background, here’s the way to do it:

First, choose the post you want to share with your Instagram Story and choose “Add post to your story.”

Tap the sticker tray and choose the Instagram image sticker. Scroll through your pictures and choose the picture you want to use as your story background.

Instagram stories hacks

Move the feed post to one side of your Instagram Story screen and broaden the added photo using two fingers (in a pinch motion). While doing so, tap and use your thumb to hold the original feed post. This will help to bring it to the front of the screen:

Positioning the feed post on the right-hand side of the screen will improve the likelihood of taps — as people sometimes tap here as they browse through stories.

TIP: If you don’t have access to the image sticker in stories yet, you should use an Instagram Stories template app such as Unfold or Storyluxe to create the same effect.

#4: Include a “Swipe Up” Link to an IGTV Video (Without 10K Followers)

If you don’t have over 10K Instagram followers, this swipe-up link hack will help you.

Whenever you share an IGTV video, you’ll be able to add a clickable link in the caption. It’s really the only place on Instagram that you can do so.

First, make an IGTV video (it must be at least one minute long). Then, within the caption, include a related link — think your website, a landing page, or a product page.

When you upload your IGTV video, you’ll be able to share the video on your stories! On your stories, your followers will have the ability to swipe up to view your video and click on the link in the caption.

#5: Storyboard Your Instagram Stories in Advance

When growing your Instagram account, consistency is essential — especially on Instagram Stories.

That will help you organize your content and post when your audience is online, you’ll be able to schedule your stories.

#6: Turn Live Photos into Boomerangs

Turning live photos into Boomerangs is one of the new interesting Instagram Stories hacks.

Here’s the way to do it:

Open Instagram Stories, swipe up to your camera roll, and choose a live photo.

Press firmly on the screen for a couple of seconds then you will see the loading circle appear briefly.

And that’s it. You’ve now changed your live photo into a dynamic Boomerang!

NOTE: Only available for iOS users.

#7: Automatically Generate Closed Captions for Stories

Instagram makes it super easy so that you can add subtitles to your Instagram Stories with the new Captions sticker.

In the past, you had to use an external app or manually type the text out, but now Instagram automatically adds them for you.

Here’s how:

  1. Head to the Instagram Stories camera and record or upload a video from your camera roll.
  2. Once you’ve done, choose the sticker icon.
  3. Choose the “Captions” sticker.
  4. At this stage, you’ll be able to select from four different text formats, move the text around the screen, and change the color.

Instagram stories hacks

And that’s it! Your captions will now be generated on your Instagram Story.

#8: Access a Full-Color Swatch for Your Instagram Stories

This hidden Instagram Story hack allows you to access every color imaginable for the text and brush tools so you’ll be able to match it to your post.

All you need to do is open your Instagram Stories and choose the brush tool.

Instagram stories hacks

Now faucet and long-hold any of the default coloration choices on the backside of the display screen to open the color slider.

From right here, swipe throughout the slider to choose a customized coloration for your story.

#9: Create Coloration Gradient Textual content for Instagram Tales

With this simple Instagram hack, you’ll be able to create a “rainbow” effect on your story’s text.

Highlight the text that you’ve typed out by pressing “Select All” and then choose the color picker tool.

While your text is highlighted, press and open the color spectrum by holding one finger down on the color palette tool at the bottom of your screen.

The text will start to change color, letter by letter, as you drag your finger across the color spectrum!

You’ll be able to move your finger faster or slower for extra color variations or alternate the direction that you just drag your fingers throughout the screen to achieve a completely different result.

#10: Create Unique Effects with the Eraser Tool

Do you know you can really use the eraser tool to create all kinds of cool effects on your Instagram Stories?

First, upload the photo of your choice and draw an effect over the image with the draw tool.

Instagram stories hacks

Subsequently, use the eraser tool and remove parts of the zig-zag to create a 3D effect.

There are tons of different ways you can use the eraser tool to create unique design effects on your Instagram Stories!

#11: Add Brand Colors to Your Story

Including your brand colors in stories can really help level up your content. And while Instagram gives a wide range of choices, it may be hard to search out your exact color match.

Thankfully, there is one of many Instagram stories hacks for this.

Copy and paste a picture (or use the image sticker) to includes your brand colors into the stories slide.

Then, use the color picker tool to pick out the color.

Instagram stories hacks

After you have the color, you can delete the color swatch image by holding the image down together with your finger and moving it to the bottom of the screen until the little trash can appears.

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