Why Start Scheduling Instagram Stories? (5 Reasons)

scheduling Instagram stories

Scheduling Instagram Stories is a superb method to gain engagement and followers for your Instagram.

This is such a worth-trying hack that helps to save your time. You can also drive more traffic to your website and work productively on Instagram.

And thanks to the scheduling tools out there! We can schedule Instagram Stories for a whole week in just minutes.

Still unsure? Here we will tell you 5 reasons why scheduling Instagram Stories is necessary for your marketing strategy right now.

#1: Let’s Save Your Time

Time is money, guys!

Scheduling Instagram Stories is one of the most effective ways to get more time back for the more important stuff, like engaging with your community or considering the next campaign strategy.

You can prep a whole week’s stories in minutes instead of having to write new content every day.

Moreover, you can upload all of your stories’ content at the same time. And you can track your links as well. Great! You never have to waste time trying to find the right assets anymore!

This means you will have more free time to get back to the tasks that matter in your day.

#2: Create an Aesthetic Look by Scheduling Instagram Stories

There are over 500 million daily users seeing Instagram Stories. So, getting your brand aesthetic right on stories is more crucial than ever.

With the Instagram Stories scheduling tool, you can visually see how your content will flow together. And you can easily rearrange the scheduled posts if you’re not satisfied with the result.

“We love planning out our Instagram Stories content in advance so that we can create a more cohesive look and post more often,” said Sophie Hay, Social Media at Mr. Porter.

Having a good narrative flow and an artistic aesthetic on Instagram Stories can help your brand stand out from the crowd, and even help drive more sales.

Thanks to the design apps – such as Storyluxe, Unfold, and Over. There are now tons of choices for brands to create high-quality Instagram Stories.

#3: Strategically Plan Your CTAs to Drive More Sales

Instagram Stories can be an effective marketing tool for your brand. It will gain more traffic back to your site and products.

By planning your story’s content, you can identify every chance to encourage more clicks (and conversions!) for your business.

Verbal calls-to-action and text captions can all be good to encourage your audience to take action. And by strategically reviewing your content in a visual planner, you can be sure that you’ve got all of the bases covered.

Everlane is a great example that you should look at. They regularly add a “swipe up to shop” CTA to their Instagram Stories, making their stories both insightful and actionable.

Everlane stories - scheduling Instagram stories

Make sure that you’re adding enough calls to action to drive traffic, but not overwhelming your audience with links.

#4: Get More Engagement by Scheduling Instagram Stories for Optimal Times

If you’re still not satisfied with the reasons above, this one could be a deal-breaker.

Scheduling your Instagram Stories will allow you to publish at the right time — as opposed to whenever you have time in a busy schedule.

Knowing your best time to post on Instagram Stories is effective for growth. Posting content when your audience is most active can lead to more engagement for your posts.

This initial engagement is a positive indicator of the Instagram algorithm. It will read that as a sign that your audience is interested in your content and engaged with it.

Then the algorithm will work to show your content to more people and rank it higher in their feeds.

ENGAGEMENT HACK: Add interactive stickers, such as polls or quizzes, to your Instagram Stories before publishing to gain your engagement levels!

#5: Post More Consistently

Planning your Instagram Stories content is a great way to make your posting strategy consistent.

Keeping a consistent, regular posting schedule shows your audience (and Instagram’s algorithm!) that you’re a reliable source of content. That can work wonders for your engagement levels.

The more consistently you post Instagram Stories, the more often your followers will find your content as they tap through their stories feed.

And the more often this occurs, the higher you’ll appear in their Instagram Stories feed. It creates a positive snowball effect for your content exposure.

scheduling Instagram stories

By planning and scheduling Instagram Stories ahead, you can be more consistent. You can do it even on days when you don’t have any time leftover!

These are just some reasons why scheduling Instagram Stories is a good strategy for your business.

Overall, it can help you spend less time publishing, and more time growing your business and community. And with scheduling tools out there, they make this work seriously easy!

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